7 Months Of Mabel!

Mabesy girl is 7 months old! It has been a big month for this girlie with a lot of milestones. So let’s see what all (as a friend from church calls her) Jim Jr. has been up to this month!

Mabel weighs 17 pounds 8.5 oz (64%) and is 26.5 in(52%). She is still wearing 9-12 month clothes and size 4 diapers. She’s still riding in her infant car seat, but I’m thinking about switching her over to Abigail’s convertible car seat and getting Abigail a new high backed booster.

This girl LOVES to sit! She isn’t one for rolling- like no thanks.But she’ll sit and sit. And she has started to realllllly stretch as far as she possibly can for things that she wants, so I don’t think it will be much longer before she’s figuring out the all fours thing and on the move. (Though, I could be wrong. Abigail was content to sit for forever too and didn’t crawl until ten months)

We waited until we were moved in and settled, but we finally set up this little girls high chair and got her started on some solids! I’m starting with purees first, just to get her accustomed to swallowing and making sure she doesn’t have allergies- and then we’ll move on to baby led weaning. Fun!

So far she has liked squash, sweet potatoes, and LOVED avocado. Applesauce and pears got an underwhelming response and prunes made her gag in disgust.

Still no teeth! Every day makes me think that she is working on them and then another day goes by and nothing to show for it. So, who knows!

Another big thing that happened this month in the new house is this girl moved to her own room, crib, and ditched the swaddle. Which yes- meant some sleep training.

Her biggest sleep “problem” was that she would not go to bed at night. And for months I’ve let her do her thing because, hello, she’s a baby. But as we were closing in on 7 months old, an 11 pm bedtime just wasn’t really working for me.

SO. We kept our bedtime routine for her and started laying her down somewhere between 7 and 8. She would go right to sleep and then an hour or so later wake up and want to come out and party. I’d go in and pat her and give her her paci and turn on her giraffe and then leave. And it was SO HARD.

And yes, she cried for a super long time. Not like, shrill or shrieking or panicked. Just…..persistent. But after 4? 5? days, she finally figured it out. And now she goes to sleep at her bedtime and stays there.

Of course, I say that- but what I really mean is, she is sleeping in her crib all night and doesn’t cry anymore. But, I still feed her around 10/11, 1/2, and usually 5/6 before we start the day. So we still see a lot of each other throughout the night 😉

Would she smile for me? No she would not.

Would she smile for sister? Oh yes. yes she would.

We also dealt with Mabel’s first illness this month. She started sounding like she was losing her voice. A hoarse baby? so strange. Anyway, I attributed it to a cold, but then she started this really yucky sounding cough and sounded kind of rattly to me. So we took her in to see the pediatrician for the first time(for a sick visit!). Fortunately her ears and chest were totally clear, so the pedi deemed it just a yucky sounding cold.

That night and for the next few days after she kept a fever though and it was so pitiful. Poor baby!

Mabel still loves her Solly wrap, orange pacifier, splashing like crazy in the bathtub, her bumbo seat and tray, her family unit, and her new favorite toy is the Fisher Price Nativity Set. She will play with it forever! She loves hitting on the music and grabbing all of the people up. Adorable.

Mabel’s bedroom is the first room in the house to be completely decorated and finished. It is so lovely and sweet and so many of the things in there are some of my favorite things in our entire house.

Important things that happened this month:

Moved to a new house

First Thanksgiving

Started solids

First sickness(just a cold!)

Moved to own room

Started sleeping in crib

Stopped swaddling and switched to sleep sacks instead(a surprisingly easy transition, after one crazy round of nap time with her newly discovered arms/freedom)

Starting riding in the carts at the store like a big girl

Sweet, sweet Mabel girl. We positively adore you! We’re so crazy thankful that you are ours. Happy 7 months baby! 

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  1. THOSE CHEEKS!! Let's start there.
    Also – we are fighting what sounds to be the same nasty cold. Hoarse baby voice, super gunky cough, and it's exactly zero fun for all of us.
    I'm wondering if we need to start just lying Julia in her bed when Marcus goes down and let her figure it out. We are partying till 10:30/11, and momma likes to be lights out by 10. Maybe one more month….
    How has seven months passed?? What a sweet little nugget you have!!

  2. What a sweetheart! And seriously her smile is the best! Finn was never much for rolling, nor was Liam, but is officially crawling. I just cannot believe how the time is going by far too quickly.

  3. I have recently found your blog and I love following your adorable family! She is so precious! I have two little babes and a third on the way. Your post make me so excited to have a baby again. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  4. BIG month sweet girl!! k has started the "wake up and party" thing every night. and i secretly think its because she wants alone time with mom & dad which she never ever gets. BUT that doesn't mean i'm willing to let her party every night at 10. because at 10 i want to party WITH MY EYES CLOSED thank you very much. anyways back to sweet mabel!! seven months!! she's so big and cute and smiley!!

  5. Total good moment over here, but I literally happy cried at the pic of her smiling for Abigail instead of mama. That sister thing gets to me, I tell ya!!!!! All the feels. I can't. You are so blessed with these two ladies (but I know you know that)!!! xx

  6. Oh my gosh, she's the sweetest!! I can't always get a smile from L, but if Cam walks by, she's all cheeks from smiling so big!! I guess we are lucky that they love their older siblings!!

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