8 Months Of Mabel!

Mabel girl is 8 months old! To me, that is getting dangerously close to something that rhymes with mirth way, but I refuse to talk about it.
Such a fun month this has been! We got to celebrate baby’s first Christmas, spend 10 days in Arizona, ring in the New Year, and visit Grandma and Grandpa’s new lake house.
Let’s see what else Miss Mabel has been up to!

I have no idea how big she is- we’ll find out at her 9 month old checkup! But, Mabel is still wearing size 4 diapers and 9-12 month clothes(though, likely not much longer!)

She is napping like a champion in her crib in her room and we’ve finally gotten a bedtime of sorts figured out. If we’re home all day she naps three times in her bed, if we’re out and about during the day, she usually takes two naps. Then she goes to bed for the night sometime in the 6 o’clock hour.

I typically nurse her before I go to bed(she wakes up on her own, so I feed her because it’s so convenient!) around 11 and then once more in the middle of the night, around 3 or so. Then she wakes up for the day in the 7 o’clock hour.

^She makes this face allll the time. Not pouting, just sticking out that lip. Adorable^

We’re still breastfeeding! Little girl loves her milk. She nurses every three hours throughout the day for about 10/15 minutes- and, as I mentioned, at least twice through the night.

As far as solids go, we’re still pretty much just doing “solids” once a day- around our dinner time. She has tried pretty much all of the purees there are(squash, sweet potatoes, and peaches being favorites) and is really loving her baby puffs, so I think we’re just about ready to start some baby led weaning! Which will be fun….though, messy 🙂

Absolutely no signs of crawling/walking/pulling up or any interest in moving whatsoever. She’s still happy to just sit and play wherever you put her. She loves taggie toys and all Fisher Price little people. Other great toys are anything that comes from IKEA because they have the worlds biggest tags on all of their items!

Still ZERO teeth and rockin that big gummy smile! I was always the worst about knowing when Abigail was teething. Suddenly there would be teeth there and everything would make sense- so, that’s probably what will happen with Mabel. Sorry, kiddo.

But, while we’re on the subject of smiles- y’all. Mabel is the happiest child I have ever seen in my life. Happy and content and the sweetest thing. Just smiling. All the time. People ask me regularly how I get her to always smile for pictures and basically I just go, “Mabel!” and then she looks at me and smiles. Or, she’s already smiling. One of the two.

We’ve started working on baby sign language! She has been learning “more, please” “milk” “all done” and we’ve been working on waving hello and bye bye as well. She’s getting pretty good at waving! Most of the time she just raises her arm up. Kind of like “heil” or “how”, but occasionally she’ll get real fancy and wiggle her fingers a little bit too.

Loves: Her sister(OBVIOUSLY), Mama, Daddy getting home from work, her orange pacifier, her crib and musical giraffe, baths, peek a boo, head shoulders knees and toes, trying to watch tv, nursing, eating puffs,

Dislikes? Mmm, basically nothing. Seriously.

Oh Mabesy. We love you so much! I hope you always stay so sweet and happy because you are just the most wonderful little girl. You are such an absolute gift and we are so thankful that you belong to us!! Happy 8 months sweet girl. 

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  1. The lower lip photo … with her hand on her hip, she looks just like Nana & your mom! My heart melts! So cute! XOXO

  2. Love her outfit. And those arms! All the heart eyes! Baby led weaning is a huge mess but worth it! Parker loves eating ALL the food now. She'll eat anything we put in front of her. I hope it lasts into her toddler years!

  3. She is the best! Love that gummy smile! L isn't moving at all, either! I think they are both totally content just watching their big siblings run around! I am not wishing for any movement for awhile. 🙂 I have LOVED watching her grow!! She is just precious!

  4. I about choked on laughter with your "heil" comment!!! She is such a cutie! Before you know it she'll be wrecking havoc running after Abigail, so enjoy the calm while it lasts 😉 Im going to point this out because its funny, but Brielana is STILL in size 3 diapers, girl has no bum lol.

  5. She is too stinkin cute! I love that she is happy to sit wherever you leave her. I'm sure you do too – cause once that crawling/walking starts, there is no end! For now Oliver just rolls everywhere. I'll take it. I'm glad she's started sleeping better for you and is napping on the regular and has a fairly consistent bedtime! Yay for babies sleeping 🙂

  6. OMG GIVE ME ALL THE GUMMY SMILES. My Kensie Girl also is gummy and I obsess. PLZ don't judge but I think I love M!!! She is perfect in every way!

  7. oooh my gosh how is she so big!!!!! she is precious and OH that gummy smile!!!!!! please keep the mirth ways FAR away, i cannot handle!

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