19 Months Of Mabel!

Oh Miss Mabel you sweetheart! I can’t begin to tell you how much we all adore this girl. She is the perfect blend of feisty and snuggly.

She runs like a mad woman around the house(Jim and I will look at each other and say, Abigail never did that? did she? *spoiler alert* she didn’t) and then will slam on the brakes just to give you a hug or, her personal favorite, a pat.

And last week she turned 19 months!

Apparently I never got around to an 18 month update for her, so here is what she has been up to over the last two months. Growing, a lot!

Size- At her 18 month checkup she was 22 lbs and 1.6 oz, and 31.8 inches tall. That plops her solidly in the 40ish percentile for both height and weight. She is wearing all 2t clothes and for the most part they fit her well!

Eating- She is still my little all day goldfish eating grazer. She will come find me wherever I am, sign “more” (which, undoubtedly means “fish”) and when I say, “do you want some fishies?” she will nod her head “yes” and then run to the pantry shouting, “Go! Go! Go! Go!”

She eats super well at her meals. We’ve even gotten to a place where I can tell her to eat/finish something before she can have bread/get down/etc and she’ll do it! Hallelujah!

Breastfeeding- Still nursing! Some days I wonder if we’re tapering off and being close to done, and then she’ll suddenly ramp it back up and I’ll think…nevermind! In a typical day, she nurses two or three times. In an unconventional day, she’ll nurse once. Or ten times.

Favorite Foods- Goldfish, bread. Any pasta. Canteloupe. Raw carrots. Steamed broccoli(which my sister in law pointed out, was one of my major cravings while I was pregnant! Go me!) Salmon. Stir Fry. Chips and salsa.

Oh, and she just learned how to say “chocolate” thanks to a Christmas package that arrived this week. So, that’s quickly becoming a new favorite too.

Sleep- Sleeping great! She goes down between 7-730 and wakes up sometime after 7. For naps, she goes down immediately after lunch, usually sometime in the 12 hour and sleep for 2 hours, typically.

All she requires is a sound machine, a fan on it’s lowest setting, 4 pacis, and her giraffe. And some socks.

Words- So, about those pacis. I decided this month to restrict them to her bed. It was a rough day or so, but she finally got the hang of it! Now she gets super excited for bedtime because it means it is paci time! It also means that she is talking so.much.more now because she doesn’t have something in her mouth all of the time.

She says all of our names, Abigail is more of “sissy” right now and when she says “Dada” is sounds like “Nana”. She has also added Grammy and Pappy into the mix as well. She obviously communicates with yes and no and she can list lots of foods.

She knows pretty much every animal sound on the planet and does a fantastic job saying them all. Rooster and snake might be my two favorites.

She also says trash, yuck, and ew….typically any time a new diaper is required. Though, I walked in on the girls the other day and Abigail had taught her how to say “poop” and “caca” so, I guess that will come in handy as well.

Signs- She still signs “more, please”, “all done”, “thank you”, “hi”, “bye”, blows kisses, says “Shh!” with her finger to her mouth, plays peek a boo, asks “where did it go?” with her hands, and still signs for “milk”. She loves to pat, give kisses, hugs, and hold your hands and dance.

Loves- Brushing her teeth! Bath time. Snacks. Nursing. Coloring. Play doh. Mickey Mouse. Her pacis. Dancing. Stealing pacis out of her crib. Swiping my phone. Opening things she knows she isn’t supposed to. Unloading the dishwasher(specifically putting away the tupperware).

Dislikes- Having to share with sister. Sharing attention while I do school with sister. Being told no…..but for the most part, she’s a super happy and amiableĀ little lady!

I was downstairs cleaning up after dinner and I heard Abigail shriek, “OH NO! MABELLLLL!” and thought to myself, that 1) I didn’t hear crying, so she must not be hurt and 2) I wonder what had been left out for her to get in to. Jim came downstairs with her and opened the door to the kitchen, revealing this.

At first glance I thought, “where did half of her face go!?” but again, realized she wasn’t hurt so she was okay….and then it clicked that she had colored marker all over her face. She was SERIOUSLY displeased when she saw her reflection in the mirror. I don’t think her makeup turned out quite how she was hoping, lol!

And just for a fun comparison, here is Miss Abigail at 19 months! LOOK at how much more hair she had than Mabel! If you want, you can read her 19 month update. I always find it fun to look back šŸ™‚

Happy 19 months to you, Miss Mabel! It’s absolutely crazy to thinkĀ that you are closer to age 2 than you are to age 1! You are such a blend of big girl and sweet baby- time is passing faster than I ever imagined it could, but I’m so thankful that I get to spend every second of it with you. You bless our family so much!

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  1. Oh my goodness! She’s such a cutie! That marker all over her face – I would have died! What a good eater! I can’t believe she already listens when you tell her to finish her food! If only I could get Oliver eating as well as she does… She’s just so sweet!

  2. Gold fish are a fan favorite here, too. And string cheese. And anything but veggies (eye roll).
    Woohoo for sound sleeping!
    The “make up” had me literally laughing out loud when I first saw it. Awesome.
    Happy 19 months to sweet Miss Mabel!

  3. oh my gosh, i just love her!!!! this whole thing makes me so happy. haha her marker chin!!!! rocco is just shy of 18 months right now and it’s the most fun age range to get to i always think!!! and stoppp it with abigail at 19 months!! looking back you can so see her personality even then it seems like.

  4. Happy 19 months sweet Mabel! I love that you are still nursing. That is awesome. The marker photos still make me laugh! I adore all of these pictures of her. And I can totally see a resemblance between the two of them. So sweet.

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