20 month update

This past month has been a blast. Abigail has changed a lot between 19-20 months. She’s gone through some big growth spurts and I feel like she’s racing faster and faster to childhood and is completely past babyhood.

She has started repeating words that we ask her to say. She doesn’t necessarily say them on her own, but can try and sound them out after she has heard us say the words.

A few new words: Baby, uh oh!, banana(“buh naw naw naw naw”), yellow(“yell oh oh oh oh oh”), blue(“boo”), green(“guh”), red(“rah”), purple(“pur”), cookie(“cook”), nigh nigh, shh!

She can point out the colors purple, yellow, red, blue, green, and pink.

We have finally mastered saying bye to people BEFORE they leave. For a long time she would stare blankly at the person leaving and then as soon as they were out the door she would start waving and saying bye. Now she has started saying goodbye to pretty much anything that starts to leave a room.

We are switching her over to a booster seat instead of the high chair. Last week at Grammy’s house she sat in a booster at the table and ate with utensils and a plate so nicely. I think she is definitely ready to eat right at the table with us.

Favorite fruit of the week: Green Grapes

Favorite veggie: Green Bell Pepper(If she can eat them in strips instead of bites)

We had a huge milestone lunch the other day, she ate an entire peanut butter sandwich and a cheese stick without my having to break the food into bites for it. It was amazing and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself. It saved so much time! Also, she asked for “moh” and signed more please for another pb sandwich. When I gave it to her she signed thank you completely unpromted. I was so proud! 🙂

She loves watching an episode about a train on her Dora DVD and loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

We have awesome dance parties in the morning to Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to know” and Fun’s “We are Young”.

She is still an excellent shopping buddy that holds my list or helps put groceries onto the belt to pay. We always high five each other on the way out for a great shopping trip!

Whenever Mommy goes to the Starbucks in Target(we won’t say how often that is….) Abigail loves to get her own drink sleeve and play with it throughout the store.

She loves the water/swimming pool/hose/sprinkler/bath time/anything wet.

We do lots and lots of playdoh and she’s really getting into coloring more too.

Abigail has been having off and on growth spurts I think, but for a while she was sleeping from 8-8 and taking like 3-4 hour naps. I had no idea what to do with so much time. For now though it seems to be a little more back to normal, 8-7ish and 2ish hour naps.

Oh hey there, just an impromtu, oh crap I’m 20 months old better take some pictures, photo shoot.
Miss Blue Eyes
Daddy took this pic….which is why my knee is the focus. Le sigh. Cute pic, nonetheless.
Don’t look at my face….look at her cuteness!!! 🙂
Peek a boo!

And, as always, I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH sweet daughter. I’m so thankful you are mine.

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