A Bounce House Birthday

I deemed this year the “the year that Mom had a baby” birthday party. A few months ago I secured the date and time at our local bounce house, ordered a Walmart sheet cake, made a Facebook event invite, and that is literally all I did. The day before the party we grabbed some balloons, a tablecloth, and some plates. 
No prep.
No clean up.
It was amazing. 

And of course, the most important thing- the birthday girl loved it. She bounced her little heart out, played with her best friends, got her family bouncing too, ate her cake, opened her presents, and just had the absolute best 5 year old birthday party ever, ever.

I feel like people bag on Walmart all.the.time, but they were fabulous! Abigail picked the design and flavor(half chocolate, half white) for the cake when we ordered it. Then we picked it up and paid for it the morning of the party. So easy, so delicious, totally going to do it again in the future.

We had so many special people come to the party! Her best little friends from church, Auntie Lauren and Brecken, Aunt Clairen and Uncle Cameron, Mimi, and my parents, Grammy & Pappy!

Mabel passed out on Aunt Clairen for a good long bit and it was so precious! (Not to mention a huge help to me because then I was able to run around and take pictures and enjoy all of the other party guests too!)

Lighting candles is super serious business, people.

Like, so serious.

After she blew out the candles, Jim cut the cake as she opened presents.

And it was basically madness. All of her friends brought her their gifts and wanted to help her open them and have her open theirs NOW NOW NOW! and tissue paper was flying around everywhere and somehow I miraculously recorded down everything everyone gave her.

It was such a fun birthday party! If you’re local, I highly highly HIGHLY recommend using the House Of Bounce! They were so great to work with and made our morning party just the best it could be.

Once again, happy happy birthday, Miss Abigail Faye! We love you SO much!

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  1. So fun!! My older niece had a bounce house birthday after my sister in law had my littler niece and it worked out perfectly and everyone had a BLAST! Even though I only have one, I'd totally do a party there myself! So much fun for the kids (and adults!) and no clean up!

  2. I love Walmart cakes!!!! They're so good! And, I am sure she loved this party just as much as the parties you put HOURS into planning…I think we do those parties for us more than our kids! I am totally guilty! I wrote this on IG, but I didn't even plan a party for Cam this year since Louise was born five weeks before he turned three. The money before his birthday (on Wednesday), I texted and FB messaged people and invited them our indoor trampoline place for pizza and cupcakes. He loved it and still talks about it, and I may just do something similar next year. 😉 Good job, Momma…I can tell how much fun she had!!! xo

  3. Sounds perfect!! We just had our first bounce house experience and it was a huge hit! I'm going to have to keep this in mind for some future birthday parties 🙂 I loved the low key prep and clean up. Smart thinking mama.

  4. How fun! Bounce houses are always fun for everyone! Also, parties not at home are awesome. We've done the past three parties for my kids somewhere else and the whole not hanging to clean up before/after is amazing! Happy 5th to your sweet girl!

  5. This looks so awesome! I feel like I would have loved this as MY birthday party. Bounce houses are so fun! And I'm with you on the Wal-Mart baked goods. I don't know what they do but maybe I don't want to know because they are so yummy! We used their bakery for the cupcakes at our wedding and they were a HUGE hit. Everyone was asking where we got them and seemed super shocked when we said Wal-Mart! hah! Glad you guys had a good time! xx

  6. It was a very funniest birthday party for my son. My son was very much satisfied on this birthday with his friends. Every kids was jumping on a bounce house. I saw the happiness in their eyes.

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