Mimi and Pa!

On Tuesday, Mimi and Pa came to our house for dinner and to stay the night. We ate delicious crock pot ribs, pinterest black bean salad, garlic french fries(gordon biersch style), fresh fruit, and green beans.

Pa, gettin a hold of A’s toes:)
This was actually the next morning(hence the different outfits), but my pics from the night before turned out blurry.
After dinner we watched Abigail’s *current* favorite movie. A 20 minute sing along of Disney songs, The Bare Necessities dvd. She showed them her super awesome shoulder shrugging dance moves and, of course, they were quite impressed.
Abigail did so wonderful with Mimi and Pa. She was smiling, waving, chatting, showing off by laughing and throwing herself on the ground playfully, showing them her toys, and high fiving.
The next day after lunch we all drove up to Kansas City to spend a few more days visiting at Mom and Dad’s house.
Grammy scored this awesome play kitchen with food and utensils for TEN DOLLARS. It is so much fun and Abigail loved playing with it this week. She had so much fun “pouring” drinks, answering the phone, playing with the pots and pans(specifically, a yellow colander), and attempting to crawl through the oven/dishwasher. She also had fun playing blocks with Pa and making the towers they built go “boom!”. I got a precious video of the two of them playing together and am so, so thankful Abigail got special time to play with her Great Grandparents this week.
Abigail giving Mimi some kisses:)
Playing peek-a-boo!
Mom and I always joke about how certain pictures are “pictures to remember you by once you die” type pics. This is one of those. Morbid? Possibly. But, it’s the truth. What an amazing laughing picture!
Gotta show off our Royals pride!! Go Royals! 🙂
Picture from Grammy’s iphone. (My phone doesn’t take cool pictures or do anything besides sometimes see calls or texts) She was loving her puddle jumper!! I can’t wait to see her enjoying the ocean in a few weeks:)
It was a great, short, sweet, little visit at Mom and Dad’s house. While we were there I finally got to savor and enjoy Pork and Pit BBQ(totally lived up to the hype), watch my mom wheel ‘n deal and sell their house, shop at Charming Charlies, enjoy Starbucks every morning, and say goodbye to the home my parents have lived in for the last 7 years. It was an extremely bittersweet visit, but I’m so glad we got to have it.
Oh, and before we left Abigail was clearly saying Mimi and Pa. So, that was awesome!

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