Turkey Day 2015

After a whirlwind of packing up our ENTIRE home and getting our things ready for a move instantly upon our return(which I will be blogging all about in a few weeks), we headed up to Kansas City to spend a few carefree and laid back days with our family celebrating one of the very best holidays!

On Thursday, my little brother and his lovely wife hosted Thanksgiving at their home. It was our first time to visit their place so that was really awesome! We spent the whole afternoon and evening together, eating way too much, watching football, and enjoying each other’s company.

Grammy and Mabel kind of like each other.

It’s crazy and weird and awesome that we’re like…..adults. And married and stuff. When did that happen??

Abigail didn’t arrive for Thanksgiving dressed in pajamas, lol. But Grammy bought her a new pair and she had to try them on IMMEDIATELY and then she didn’t want to get out of them, so…..

We love our Aunt Clairen and Uncle Cameron(Grammy and Pappy, too!) and we were so happy to get to spend Thanksgiving with them!

Then on Friday we celebrated with Jim’s side of the family!

The day started with a fun birthday party for my niece, Kathryn. She has an early December birthday, so it is always fun to get to do a little something special for her when we’re all together!

They did some crafts, played some games, and ate some princess cupcakes. Along with opening some fun presents!

And when the kiddos were all dressed and ready for Thanksgiving dinner, I had to make sure to grab some sweet cousin and sister pictures!

One of my personal favorites- A is so over this.

We returned home to absolute craziness/madness/drama/insanity…you get the picture! So we certainly enjoyed a few box free days filled with amazing food, family, and fun. You couldn’t have asked for a better Baby’s First Thanksgiving! 🙂

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  1. Such cuties!! Cam gives me the same face when I ask him to take a picture…haha!! Can't wait to hear all about the move!! And I saw your picture on IG that your mom unpacked your kitchen AND got your a poinsettia…best mom ever!!

  2. I love your hair up in a headband! And I have to ask- did everyone wear a shade of maroon for football or just because?
    So cute that you got to be with both sides of the family.
    Can't wait to see the new house hoopla!

  3. Your girls are adorable! Love little Miss Mabel and her sweet little smile! Glad you all had a happy Thanksgiving and were able to spend time with family. 🙂

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