Valentine’s Day

We had kind of the greatest Valentine’s Day ever. It was so good, I don’t want to forget it! So, on to the blog it goes!

It was mostly an uneventful day at home untillllll Abigail left for dance class (our neighbors always take her! it’s the best) and I loaded up the kids for dinner with Jim! We had a gift card to Cheddars (Jim’s favorite) from Christmas to use so it was perfect! We met up and had the yummiest dinner AND THEN…

(I found this picture of the two of us holding a sign with the coordinates from the church we got married in- so I figured eh, why not include it within a Valentine’s Day post? You can find the sign here)

We switched cars, Jim took the kids, and I was off to a surprise (well, not actually a surprise because I HATEEEE surprises, so he “surprised” me with advance notice of my surprise gift a few weeks before) stay at a hotel for a solo night of whatever I wanted.

Not quite sure what to do with myself and never having stayed in a hotel by myself before, I was a little unsure- but it ended up being the single greatest thing ever. Jim had checked me in earlier in the day and stocked the room with my favorite things: red wine and popcorn, lol and it was perfect. I watched tons of TV and movies, did a little work, and then I got to sleep in the next morning! Check out wasn’t until 12 so hooray for all of the things.

When I got home, they were all working around the house cleaning it up (yes, and amen) and surprised me with this little set up of my major work in progress home office!

If you remember, Jim built me this desk for my 30th birthday last year! We’re just now getting around to hanging some things on the walls around it and organizing all of my things. Blogging and oils, together!

So anyway, it was a wonderful Valentine’s Day that Jim made really special for me and I’m super thankful for it! (also, the penguin Mabel is holding in the pictures was for Finn and as you can see, that really went over well 😉 )

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