Well hello there Friday! SO happy to see you.
Minus spending all morning at the Chevy dealership to get my oil changed, today is shaping up to be a fabulous day, leading into an even better weekend.
As I’ve already mentioned, A and I are loving all things summer. We’ve spent a much larger than usual time at our local Sonic thanks to the occasional showing of our house.Rolling those windows down and giving yourself a brain freeze from a half price slush is where it’s at.

Saturday morning Abigail wandered into our bedroom….then our bathroom….then told me she was going to use some of my makeup. I asked her what kind? She said, some of the brown stuff! I was expecting her to walk out with a face full of foundation.
Truly terrifying.
Wanna know how I got these scars??
She wanted me to let her wear her beautiful and fancy makeup to Silver Dollar City but that got a resounding NO from both parents.
Sorry, kiddo.
First 90+ day of the year? sure! Let’s hit up a theme park!
Also, let’s take a picture as soon as we arrive because we’re not going to look like this for long.
On the drive home Abigail asked me if she could wear my sunglasses so that she could play the iPad because the sun was so bright.
I didn’t even think twice about sharing with her.
Motherhood is crazy like that.

Happy Friday, kids. Have a great one.


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  1. I LOVE your twisty updo for the theme park!! Such a pretty look for summer. I've always heard great things about Silver Dollar City but we have never been. I hope that all of your Sonic hangouts translate to LOTS of showings of your home!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. SONIC! I cannot believe how much I miss that place! And, I totally failed to stop at one while in KC while we were back. Sad stuff right there.
    LOVING that beautiful makeup – HA!!!
    Hope your weekend was fabulous!

  3. you look amazing at the theme park – no fair, i always look like crap when i go, haha. i have never been to sonic, but slushies do sound amazing right now!

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