Arizona Highlights

This Friday I have another post coming filled with all of my iPhone pictures from our 9 days in Arizona. But, lucky for y’all, I actually did break out the big girl camera a few times.
Much to Abigail’s chagrin.
On this particular night we went to a restaurant in Cave Creek called “The Horny Toad” {Don’t ask me why it’s named that} for some fried chicken. We were all able to split one meal and it was awesome. Grease and crisp and meat.
As we came out from the restaurant, the sun was setting and the light was so beautiful and it was surrounded with live music and cactus everywhere. Seriously, it looked like a cactus forest all around the area. Abigail and I spent some time trying to count them all, but we couldn’t.
A few extras from the zoo 🙂 In this area they had a pretend cow that you could milk. I tried to show Abigail how to do and couldn’t get a drop. Little kid walks up next to me and milks it like a pro. What’s up with that?
That rock directly behind Jim and Abigail is the exact rock that A left half of her nose on.
Jim sent me this text:
{I was dying laughing because of how thorough it was}
“We were just playing in the hot tub, and she had her Hippo and Elephant and Rhino up on the waterfall having a party, and Barbie was coming to see them. She was playing with Barbie down in the water underneath that rock that kinda angles out. Well, she decided it would be a good idea to just jump straight up in the air.”
After a few days of building up her bravery Abigail was finally ready to do some “crazy jumps”! She never wanted to go under water but she was having a super fun time paddling around, jumping off the edges, riding on the floats and rafts, and playing with her toys in the pool.

Oh I just love those two. They are so full of sweetness. They are so light hearted you can’t escape their joy when you are around them. I’m so thankful for my little family and the adventures we get to go on together. Even to Grammy and Pappy’s house!

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  1. best vacay ever. it has me all sorts of excited for lex to get a little older. . . I'm also requesting you send me that dress/skirt shirt combo in the first few pictures. because I'm dying over it.

  2. This is the sweetest! I love the interactions between her and Jim! So sweet! "left half her nose on". I'm dying! So glad y'all had such a great trip!

  3. Aw! She looks so cute in her little outfit in the first pictures. She's such a pretty little girl! Also, I totally have that tank top you're wearing in the picture. haha! You must have great taste. 😉 haha!

  4. Oh my gosh, Jim's text is hilarious. Poor little Abigail's nose 🙁
    also that first outfit is adorable!!

  5. Can I please shop in Abigail's closet? 😉 Great pictures, Courtney! I'm sure your parents are going through withdrawals without you two there!

  6. Great pictures, Courtney! Abigail's clothes are definitely very cute. Is the first outfit a dress, or a tank and skirt? Where'd you get it?

  7. Abigail is too crazy cute! love that first picture of her! To cute! I can't say it enough! To Cute!

  8. Love the text message detail! Too cute!!! Those darn rocks just got in the way!!! Looks like y'all had an amazing time!! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! -xo

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