A Kansas City Weekend

We had ourselves one heck of a whirlwind weekend! We headed up Friday after Jim got off work. We had big weekend plans for family, a wedding, a bridal shower{post coming soon!}, time at a lake house{post coming soon!}, and way more food and drinks than was good for me.
I really put the ol spanx to work this weekend.
But first, photographic evidence of the first bomb pops of summer!
Moving on.
Friday night at Jim’s parents. Picturesque. Gorgeous. Spent entirely bouncing on their trampoline.
Abigail is a daredevil. Higher and faster and the two most frequently used adverbs in her vocabulary.
I attempted my first toe touch in almost a decade{fun Courtney fact: I used to be cheerleader. Of the homeschool variety[not as lame as it sounds, promise] and of the competitive[think ESPN] variety} I like to think that my jeans kept me from pulling any muscles. I was worried about my ability to walk the next day, but I seemed to recover sufficiently.
Saturday was wedding night. It was only one of the most fun weddings I have ever been to! The groom is a long time family friend of ours.
In fact, so old, I was the big sister who babysat all of the younger siblings…including him. I told him that night when people asked me how we knew each other, I introduced myself as the babysitter.
Photo bombed by my own dad!
Sidenote: check out that dinner. Totally legit, right? see what I’m saying?
Luckily I danced off *some* of my multiple drinks, dinners, and cake slice calories….ahem…that evening with my handsome hubby.
Who doesn’t love a photo booth? They’re so the greatest thing ever.
I wish I could have gotten a better picture of our pictures, but alas, there she blows.
Still pretty great, if I don’t say so myself 🙂
My Mimi drove in from Indiana for this weekend’s bridal shower. On Sunday night, we got to have some really special one on one time with her that we just totally 100% absolutely loved.
Curse you manual focus! If only their faces were crisp and clear because oh my word, dying.
But, Mims, your arm is super in focus and looks awesome. So, there’s that.
 The best we could manage.
And I’m holding a silo.
One wedding down, three more to go this summer.
Has wedding season hit your household yet? Also, bomb pops. The best summer treat available, am I right? Let’s talk!


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  1. what a fun weekend! and i agree with the others, that trampoline shot is priceless. i fell off one as a child, terrified of them now!

  2. I loved all of these pictures! Your dress was SO pretty, by the way! Last year I went to like 7 weddings! I'm not kidding…it was like the craziest year for weddings ever!

  3. The silo is making my die laughing. I shouldn't be laughing that hard but it reminds me of a picture the other day where Lincoln is holding a hot dog.. a cold one. Ridiculous, right? You looked beautiful at the wedding and I'm loving the trampoline pictures!

  4. Bomb pops, oh yes they are so amazing. Sometimes I buy a box and we hide them so the kids won't find them :). I wish I was making that up. But I'm not.

    We don't have wedding season. Seems like just about all of our friends are already hitched for the most part so we only get the occasional wedding invite anymore.

    Great pics, looks like you had a blast!

  5. WOOHOO for a KC weekend! Only one of my favorite places on the planet! 🙂
    Serious flexibility! I'm not sure I could touch my toes if I tried. I wish I were joking, but I'm not.
    How wonderful to spend such quality time with you Mim. Priceless!

  6. So fun! Also, you look so good in your wedding duds! Also, also, you have three weddings this summer! Wowza!

  7. That toe touch is seriously impressive! I think I actually pulled a muscle just picturing myself doing a toe touch 😉 Looks like a fun wedding weekend for sure!

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