The Pumpkin Patch

My Mom flew back to Phoenix yesterday (sob!) but before she left, we made sure to make a trip over to the pumpkin patch with the kids(I accidentally wrote “girls” before I wrote “kids”. Old habits die hard)!

We got everyone ready and took some pictures in our backyard with our cute fall outfits on before we left….and then realized it was WAY too hot to actually wear them to the pumpkin patch- so we had to change again before we could go.

Oh well, at least these pictures turned out cute first 😉

I posted this picture to my IG/Facebook and someone mentioned it looked like Jim had a man bun. Lol! A well placed log- that I’m totally going to have to edit out if I ever print this picture.

We’ve been going to this local pumpkin patch since Abigail was a baby! But! Can you believe it- this was Mabel’s very first trip to the patch! I have no idea what I have been doing for the last 2 years….but apparently pumpkins weren’t high on the priority list for me.

And yes, even little baby seahorse made it out with us.

Some of our haul!

She was spinning around saying, “they. are. HUGGGEEEE!”

I was standing there looking at my tall, long legged girl and thought that I had a picture of her from our last trip to the patch(3 years ago….) and sure enough, I did!

In the picture on the left(2014) I was about 10 weeks pregnant with Mabel at that point and feeling like DEATH. That’s all I remember about that trip to the patch- but look how cute Abigail was! Still that same smile- but she has grown so much!

Me and my girls!

Since we were there on the weekend they had their hay rides running. Jim and I took the girls for a ride, while Mom stayed back with Finn. It was super warm, but a lot of fun!

Wait…..I have three kids? When did that happen?

The patch has pumpkins that have already been picked for you to choose from to take home, but they also have a patch where you can pick your own straight off of the vine! Naturally, my children didn’t want any from the vine, but ones that had already been picked for them. But they enjoyed briefly looking at the patch before heading back to the pretty pumpkins instead :p

And this little guy was a true champion! He slept the entire trip and was the sweetest.

Also, those boots! Right?!

Both girls were all about these mini pumpkins! We definitely had to limit how many they could add to our cart.

Even though we had to wear shorts and possibly earned some tan lines during our hay ride, it was a really fun trip to the pumpkin patch- as a new family of FIVE!

And now my front porch is all decked out and ready for fall!

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  1. So fun!! That man bun comment had me LOLing!! Too funny. Glad you were able to sneak in one more outing with your mom. Hope you have her next visit on the calendar already. I’m with your girls… those mini pumpkins get me every time. What a fun adventure for your whole family.

  2. The man bun ??? I didn’t even notice until you said something. Then I couldn’t stop looking and laughing. Isn’t it crazy that 3 years ago you had one girl and now you have three kids?! Also, that big green Cinderella pumpkin in your wagon is beautiful. It looks like you had a great time.

  3. These are the best days!! We’ve gone to the same patch since Kinsey was 2 but are changing it up this year and Im kinda emotional about Clark not going (pretty sure its mostly PP hormones talking though lol)

  4. Oh such cute photos! And it’s just not right to have to wear summer clothes to the pumpkin patch. We went this past Saturday and it was almost 90 degrees. Ugh! I love the pumpkins you guys chose. The colored and different ones always have my heart. Mason loves those mini pumpkins, too! I love Mabel’s little painted fingernails!!

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