Finn’s Cactus Nursery Inspiration

Oh boy, oh boy! I’m so very excited to talk about one of my very favorite things today- nurseries! 

I’ve got a lot to share, so, get ready to read a virtual tome about Mabel’s nursery and all of Finn’s nursery inspiration and plans!

I thought I should start with what things currently(or mostly currently) look like. This is Mabel’s(soon to be Finn’s) nursery.

I have had the room set up two different ways in the year and a half that Mabel has lived in here- basically swapping the crib and the dresser.

The way the room is currently, is with the dresser on the big wall and the crib under the dormer. Also, the curtains are down and every piece of wall art has been moved to Abigail and Mabel’s shared bedroom– so the walls are bare and ready for new decor!

On to the nursery inspiration and plans!

I’ve mentioned before, but I had a hard time initially coming up with plans of what I wanted to do for a little boy nursery. I knew I didn’t want it to be dark and I knew I didn’t want it to be sports themed….but other than that, I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go. But then! I saw this quilt and had an idea- what if I did a cactus theme? That could be boyish and fun, while also staying light and bright.

And then the ideas started flowing and now we have ourselves a huggggge to do list of things to get his room ready and put together!

To Do List:

Paint Walls– the walls haven’t been touched since we moved in, so they definitely need to be repainted! Naturally, I’m going with my go-to Benjamin Moore White Dove that I’ve been using in the rest of the house. Because, why not.

Paint Trim– As we learned with Abigail’s bedroom, once you paint the walls white- the trim turns this creamy, beige looking color. So it will need to be painted as well. We’re going with the same Benjamin Moore Simply White that we used in her bedroom!

Install Shiplap Accent Wall– I posted on my IG stories recently asking for advice on whether we should go with 6 in or 8 in wide planks for the space behind where his crib will be going. The results were split pretty evenly, surprisingly enough! But we ended up deciding on 6 in wide planks. I want the wood to stay raw and light- I don’t want the room to feel dark and heavy, but I don’t want it to be stark white either. So, I’m hoping the fun wood accent wall will help warm things up a bit!

Paint Crib– oh yes- we’re painting the crib again! This will be our third baby to use this crib. With Abigail, it was a dark espresso finish. With Mabel, the gorgeous coral color(that I’m seriously so sad to see go! It is my favorite!). And with Finn, we’re going with GREEN! I haven’t settled on a color yet, I’ve really been drawn to bright emerald green’s(like this!) over and over( I mean, just look at my nursery pinterest board for crying out loud!) but just recently I’ve also been intrigued by some of the darker greens- like here and here. Any thoughts?

Install New Light Fixture– You can see just in front of the bedroom door there is a small gold globe light- it worked fine for Mabel’s room, but won’t match the decor of Finn’s! So, we’re going to install this small and cheap schoolhouse light that we have in a few other places around the house!

Install Ceiling Fan/Light– Along with the small light, we’re going to be installing overhead lighting in the center of the room. This house has hardly any lighting in the ceilings, so we’ve slowly been working our way room to room updating lighting/electrial and/or installing it for the first time. We chose this ceiling fan(because his space is so small, particularly with the dormers) and I’m really excited to see it in his room!

Install Closet Barn Doors– it might be hard to tell, but the closet door is right next to the bedroom door entrance. And when you open the closet door, you can’t get in or out of the room! It swings open and gets caught on the other door. So, the plan is to build some sliding doors to hopefully fix that problem(and look pretty cool while doing it)

Install Closet Light– his closet is surprisingly big(it’s a walk in!) but it is DARK in there! It makes it hard to find what you’re looking for, or able to have it really well organized. I’m hoping that a simple light + chain in there will make it a whole lot nicer!

Build Honeycomb Shelves– I want some shelves like this to go over his changing table, like bad. I can’t find them in a raw wood finish anywhere that I like…so it looks like Jim will get to build some. Good thing he doesn’t really have any other projects to work on 😉

Hang Wall Art– I’ve been sent some adorable prints to use in his room already and snagged some black matted frames when we were at IKEA last, so hopefully those will all work out on his walls!

Find & Buy Ottoman– I’m in the market for a new ottoman(since I’m thinking the bright, shiny gold won’t work so well for his room). We’re planning on keeping the same rocker + slipcover, so I’ll need a new pillow and a new ottoman. I’ve been eyeballing this ottoman, but I’m not ready to pull the trigger yet!

Other things that I’ve acquired for his room are:

Changing pad, rug, crib sheets, and this giant picture to hang over his bed!

While the girls and I are in Phoenix(we leave on Friday!) Jim plans to get a bunch of projects done(or started at the very least….) so I can’t wait to see Finn’s nursery finally start to come together!

I know it isn’t a huge deal to have it all finished before he is born, since the little guy won’t be sleeping in it for a while anyway, but Jim and I both like the thought of having that big “to-do” checked off and done before he gets here. Which will be before we know it!

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  1. I am loving your plans for Finn’s nursery. I love the cactus theme and the thought of a green crib. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together because I’m pretty much obsessed with your inspiration board. Where is your rocker/slip cover from?

  2. I’m so excited to see it come together! The green/brown/cactus is so fun and on trend right now. Plus, it goes right along with me house plant obsession! And the parallel of our old houses makes me laugh, like the size and shape of the various upstairs bedrooms.

  3. I have been eyeing the same pouf for our nursery, but the price! Ack! However, they do sell just the learher cover on amazon (unpoufed) i think, and that might work over your currently gold ottoman!

    Love all your inspirations! I put adorable cactus and succulent sleep sacks on my registry!

  4. Just an idea because it sparked my eye in the pics. In the honeycomb picture, two of the 3 accents are gold. I am not sure what shiplap color wood you are using but the gold ottoman could tie in (per that pic) if u chose a few accents similar to that color. Maybe. If you don’t want to “have” to buy another ottoman. 😉
    Love the ideas you havw sofar. Cannot wait to see the completed look.

  5. I’m loving how this is all coming together for Finn’s nursery. The colors are great and I love the idea of a green crib! I’m sure it’ll be a darling space. Hope Jim gets lots done on your to do list while the girls are away 🙂

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