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The Nesting Place

A few weeks ago I bought this book:

The Nesting Place

Perhaps I shouldn’t have cracked it open before I actually ended up in my hopeful future home, but alas, it is what it is.
This book was AMAZING and I recommend to absolutely everyone.
I find myself continually bringing it up in conversation with just about everyone I have talked to lately. It really made an impact on me, it has really upped the ante on my creativity, and it seriously got the decorating blood racing through my veins.

One of the best things about the book is that the author has lived in 13 homes in her 8 years of marriage. She has lived in just about any place you could imagine….and they’re also currently renting. She had the most inspirational view on making your house a home and truly, truly loving where you live. Wherever and whatever it is.

Which brings me to my most recent project!

Recently we talked about gray paint here on the blog. I’ve been wanting to paint my house gray for years! But, I thought that my house was too “brown”, that my accessories wouldn’t “match”, and that it would be too much hassle. 

I couldn’t have been more wrong!

It dawned on me one afternoon shortly after finishing her book that even though our home is on the market it is still MINE and who knows how much longer I could still be living here! And heck, even if we got an offer tomorrow{please please please let there be an offer tomorrow} we would still be here for at least another month. Which sealed the deal for me. 

I was going to go for it. I was going to do some painting up in this house.

I grabbed one of my paint swatches from the pile of considerations for the new home, marched myself over to Wal-Mart, had them color match me a $15 gallon of paint, and promptly came home and painted our entry, second entry, and hall bathroom in two nap times.

Here is the before: 

{I’m not including bathroom before and afters because it is impossible for my camera to photograph that tiny room- but it used to be green and now matches these rooms}

 This picture is from when we first moved in SIX years ago

This is from a few weeks ago{one of the pictures on our listing!}

Before my laundry room makeover, while we still owned a cat…..6 years ago.

Here is the after:

 Gray & Yellow Rug

Pretty great, right????

The only thing that I paid for in this entire mini makeover was a $15 can of paint, 2 rugs from Target, and the 2 white mirrors from Goodwill{which were originally gold and I spray painted white.}
One of my favorite tips from the book was “shopping your home”.
So many times{I’m SO guilty of this!} we put something in one place and then leave it there forever. Usually for no other reason than “that’s where it goes”.
But, when you take the time and risk of moving it into a new location, sometimes it looks even better than before and helps you to fall in love with something you already own all over again.

I swapped the curtains from Abigail’s playroom and the entry. Everything on the shelves came from closets and other bedrooms around the house.

And in the meantime I rearranged the furniture in my living room and our master bedroom!

The most fun for me in all of this was knowing that any decorating I am doing now will be completely interchangeable and wonderful in our new home.
It will all just transfer right over…..and if that new home never ends up happening?
Well. I suddenly love this current one even more.

Have you read The Nesting Place? When is the last time you fixed up something creative in your home?

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  1. What a simple, yet drastic change! Love the gray paint. Our guest bedroom is gray, and it's by far my favorite room in the house.
    I need to get this book. While I love our home, it could use some sprucing.

  2. I LOVE this book! So much that I included it in the prizes for my shop's 5k Instagram giveaway! It's inspired me to do some fun stuff with our house…I've already added a gallery wall to the living room, finally started putting togethet our master bedroom update (for which I've been hoarding stuff for months!) and has given me so many other great ideas and ways to "think outside the box." I absolutely love the changes you made…looks like a totally different house!

  3. Courtney. I love that color and what a fabulous job in painting it all!' I think I'm going to have to check out that book as well and get some creative juices flowing. I know I need to shop my house and love things around a little! Great job!!

  4. I think the color turned out great! I haven't painted as of late but when we moved and unpacked at the new place, I switched it up big time with where I put things. I didn't put them in the same location as they'd always been and I'm loving the outcome. I also found a lot of decorations that I forgot we even had because they'd been boxed up for so long so to me, it was like finding new stuff all over again, haha. Super cute, friend!

  5. Ahhhh! I love the new look! It looks so good! You have totally made me want to read this book! Adding it to my list!

  6. Looks great! Just for an experiment, I think you should switch the pictures on your listing with the new ones! I get a totally different vibe from the gray color – it's more welcoming, more light.

  7. I need this book. We'll be in our current house for at least 2-3 more years while we rebuild our savings and finally have enough to start building. Meanwhile, I'd love to love where I live NOW. 🙂

  8. Wow Courtney! That looks amazing! I have been dying to do yellow and gray also but am waiting for our next home 🙁 I'm glad you went ahead and did it because it really brightened up your entry way! Perfect for showing! I need to shop in my own house. And I haven't known what to think about that book but you've intrigued me. I may need to pick up a copy!

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