Flower Girl: Take Two

Miss Abigail had the opportunity to be a beautiful and precious little flower girl again this weekend!
Lemme tell ya. This being a Mama to the flower girl gig is no joke. I swear I have a little girl who is capable of sitting still and listening to instructions….until you put on the big poofy dress. Then it is twirling, running, jumping, rolling around, tripping, falling, rubbing your face, rubbing your hair city. Keeping that hot mess contained for 3 hours straight is the sort of thing that only a big glass of vino at the end of the night can cure, man.
Anyway, once the wedding started she was a total champ. She spread those petals to perfection and she convinced me that she could probably host an instructional class for future flower girl inductees.
Me and my girl!

Thank heavens for good daddies and iphones on wedding days.

Some gratuitous shots of her hair and makeup. #ThoseLashes #YesThoseAreMyShoes

Even though I am a hair stylist, updo’s have never really been my forte. I can do them….if you twist my arm….but they just don’t really come naturally to me. Therefore, I am always super excited when one comes together. Like this one!

Post wedding success smiles. She did it….again!

The best we could manage of the three of us. Oh well! We were all pretty much over it all by this point anyway. Ha!

The bride gave Abigail this doodle pad as her thank you gift for being the flower girl. She completely crashed mid color on the way home. Sweet thing.

All she has left now is August 1st! Then she can wear her “bride dress” every day just like she has been wishing since last October when she tried it on for the first time. 


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  1. Courtney you are so gorgeous, and Abigail is the sweetest little flower girl I ever did see 😉

    Great job on her hair!! 🙂

  2. You give me hope that in another year my crazy girl will sit still again! 🙂 I love how you did her hair – it turned out awesome!!! She just looks so awesome in that dress I'm glad she's doing so well at her flower girl duties!

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