Spena Baby Week 35

Back when I was pregnant with Abigail, I was super active on a few different message boards on thebump.com. I don’t think I’m brave enough to venture back over there today(seriously, women be CRAZY) but back in 2010 it was mostly a light hearted and fabulous time. Anyway, we made a big deal out of hitting 35 weeks and called it 35/35 because you were 35 weeks pregnant, with only 35 days left! (We also all had these super cute pregnancy countdown tickers and it would say how far along you were and how much time you had left.) I also remember with Abigail my Dr. looking at me, smiling and saying, “well now that you’re 35 weeks if she decides to come we won’t do anything to stop it!” and I’m pretty sure my eyes bulged out of my head like SAY WHAT.
Okay, so 35 weeks. About a month left! Probably a good time to start finishing up my to-do list? You think?

Feeling good but looking huge. As the kindly man stated in the lobby at my Dr.’s appointment yesterday, “You look like you’re ready to burst!” (Guys, it finally happened! No one has ever commented to me about my pregnancies before. I guess I wasn’t conjuring up enough of my resting you know what face to deter it)

And just for fun- 35 weeks with Abigail!

Weight Gain | So, I went and hit my 40 week weight with Abigail at 35 weeks with Mabel. Oh well. I’m going to be dieting soon enough(which will totally stink) so I’m just going to enjoy my food while I still can.

Clocking in at 161, +31 pounds so far.

Belly Button | Flat but in!

Wedding Rings | Still on! The swelling that I started noticing hasn’t changed at all so as long as it hangs steady where it’s at, we should be good to go!

Symptoms | So many bathroom trips, fatigue, slight swelling, increased appetite. Last weekend while Jim and Abigail were camping I woke up with another of the worst leg cramps of my life. It was awful and my calf still hurt for days afterwards. Ugh, they are so terrible!

Cravings | Even though I’ve been chugging water like a crazy person, I think Mabel is trying to revert me back to my morning sickness days because ice cold coke sounds SUPER GOOD. I’m super particular about how I enjoy it and we don’t keep it in the house, so it’s few and far between, but when I have indulged in it- mercy. Tastes fab.

Size Of Baby | Honeydew Melon

18 inches and 5.25 pounds!

Movement | Lots! I asked my Dr. yesterday if the spot poking out on my right side was feet, so she felt and laughed and said “oh yeah, those are definitely feet!” and she showed me where her head, back, bottom, and feet are.

Sleep | Really good but I’ve picked up a few extra trips to the bathroom per night. She is super duper low so the bathroom trips are basically nonstop.

Clothing | This weekend while Jim and Abigail were gone I went to Motherhood Maternity to try and get set up with my nursing bras that I’ll be needing and it was basically a total bust(no pun intended heh). I tried on like 25 bras and still couldn’t find a size that fit well in both the cup and band. So, I ended up just buying two $1.50 bra extenders for the bras I already have(recently discovered while nesting/organizing a dresser woop!) but were too small and then I think I’ll just get stocked up on some Target nursing tanks because I really loved those last time.

Nursing moms- any nursing bra recommendations for me? I was really hoping to get nailed down on a size so that I could just order anywhere but that didn’t happen.

Nursery | A few portions of the crib have a coat of paint on them and it looks SO good. I was a little worried about coral- that maybe it would be too red? But it isn’t at all.

Can’t Wait For | Pinterest party this Saturday that is baby themed for myself and a friend from church who is 3 weeks ahead of me. It should be fun!

We’re also doing a garage sale Saturday morning and my nesty pregnant self can’t wait to clear out tons of stuff from our garage and attic….and also have a bit more spending money 😉 Just what Jim had in mind I’m sure!

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  1. I hands down think Cake Lingerie makes the best nursing bras & tanks! They aren't cheap, but they will be the only ones you need to buy. And considering I breastfed for 2+ years, that is saying something. You can find them at Nodstrom online. Looking beautiful Courtney!

  2. Girllll you're looking so good and I am so excited for you, can't believe she will be here sooo soon. I feel like you were inside my head-the constant pee breaks, the slight swelling, the 30 lb weight gain (and I'm only 32 weeks, OOPS) the desire for ice cold fountain cokes, and the list goes ON. I am with you. I stand with you in solidarity hahahha!

  3. Oh The Bump. I haven't been back there this pregnancy yet & don't think I will. Those ladies be crazy! 🙂 you look fab!

  4. Yay for 35 weeks! You are looking so cute, dear! And YES!!! I have a nursing bra recommendation for you – the Forever Yours bra from Hotmilk. I am LIVING in mine. They're more pricey than say, a Target nursing bra, but I promise you they are worth it!

  5. someone probably suggested this but bravado seamless nursing bra! I had a few and it was so comfy! It may have even been worn a bit post nursing 😉 I'm like 99% sure I got mine on Amazon too!

  6. This pregnancy has flown by!! I love that you are doing a garage sale and anti-nesting before Mabel arrives 🙂 Smart thinking!! Hope you feel great and eat lots of yummy food for the next few weeks 🙂

  7. You are just adorable!
    Those nasty leg cramps are hitting here, too. NO BUENO! And, I'm with you on the ice cold Coke! Oh my gosh, it sounds good ALL. THE. TIME. But, like you, we don't keep soda in the house. But when I do indulge – holy son of St. Francis.
    Good luck with the nursing bras. I have a problem finding bras that fit, pregnant or not (apparently bra makers think sizing should START at 34B… But my negative A cup disagrees).

  8. You seriously look great mama!! I wanted to tell you, after nursing Hannah for 16mo and Liv for 21mo (gah) my absolute FAVORITE and worth every penny nursing bras are Bravado!! I ordered them straight from the website, tried 4 styles, and sent back 2. I LOVE their original nursing bra for those first few weeks and then to sleep in at night–they hold up well too! The cheap ones just didn't cut it for me. Also–amen about the Target nursing tanks! I'll be stocking up on those soon too 🙂

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