Spena Baby Week 36

I had a mini internal panic moment yesterday as I was texting my best friend and mentioned that my parents would be coming into town in three weeks.
Because I’m having a baby.
Like, what?!
I’m reaching that point where other mama’s have delivered and I sit here and think, she could be here….this weekend? Next week? The week after? It’s getting SO close and it’s just absolutely surreal to me. My brain is not processing this massive overload of information very well.
As it stands though, I’m still quite comfortable, very happy, and very much wanting her to stay put for as long as she wants and needs. I love carrying around my girl all the time and I know I will be SO sad when I’m not pregnant anymore. It’s a hard thing to think and talk about- and I’m sure will land itself in it’s own post someday soon 🙂

Weight Gain | Clocking in at 164, bringing the total surplus to +34.

Belly Button | It looks so weird. At least, what I can see of it. It’s kind of on the “underside” of my belly and because Mabel is hanging out lowwww, I only see the very tiny top portion.

Stretch Marks |
I noticed a few new ones on my left side before hopping in the shower this week. Womp womp. Same place as before(love handle region) so hopefully they’ll just blend in with my previous additions….but we’ll see.

I had a dream I had one huge one erupt like, in the place of linea nigra(which I’ve never had??) from the top to the bottom of my stomach. So apparently I’ve been thinking about it.

Wedding Rings | Off! I can’t believe it! I never had to do that with Abigail 🙁 But I had one day where I noticed they were super snug and I had a hard time slipping them off so I decided it was time. The swelling in my hands and feet haven’t really gone down at all since that day either, so I guess they’re off for good.

Symptoms | Peeing, cramping, whenever I get a braxton hick-which, I never even notice them, but I’ve started to because it makes my breathing and heart rate increase a bit. Go body! Practice away for the real deal.

Cravings |

Usually nothing goes in this category, just things that have sounded good to me during the week. But, this one, this qualifies. I woke up thinking about it and couldn’t stop thinking about it and made a superfluous run to the bank just so that I could drive through “Old McDonalds” on the way home. My fry box is empty because I inhaled them at the speed of light. It seriously tasted so, so, so good and now I haven’t thought about it since. Craving satisfied.


Size Of Baby | A head of romaine lettuce(lol)

Almost 6 pounds and 18.5 inches!

Movement | She has been hanging out with her feet on my right side always, but on Sunday morning I woke up and her feet were over on the left! WHAT CHILD. Totally threw me for a loop. I took a nap that afternoon and when I woke up her feet were back on the right side.

I like to think she realized the error of her ways and has now settled in officially for the long haul.

Sleep | Good good good. Peeing, dreams, but still comfy.

Nursery |
Y’all we are ALMOST DONE! This weekend I do believe it will be finished. The crib only needs some touch up and assembly, a few things need to be hung up on her walls, and we still need to convert her chair to a rocker, but that IS IT!

Can’t Wait For | May! It’s baby month! (Probably)

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  1. The cutest! I also took my wedding rings off yesterday, so knocked up girl it is from here on out!!!! 😉 It is surreal, so exciting & crazy at the same time! Weren't we just announcing we were pregnant?! I have loved going through this journey with you! Just think, now we get to watch our girls grow!!!!!!! XO

  2. I can't believe it's getting so close! I'm so excited to "meet" her. I'm so not on the same page as you with missing pregnancy when it's over though–when I get to this point, I'm seriously SO over the whole thing. 😛

  3. Looking so so beautiful! I can't believe Mabel has had such big movements this late in the game! And I completely share your feelings about not wanting pregnancy to end, and I am literally only days (hopefully) away!

  4. I can't wait to read morethe of these and then see when Mabel arrives!! So exciting. June is my baby month and I am freaking out over here lol! Things are getting real. 🙂 Praying for the rest of your pregnancy journey with this baby girl of yours.

  5. Sweet girl, you are just glowing in that top pic! Love it! Toward the end of my pregnancy, I was definitely feeling ready to be done…But when the time came to deliver Vivi, I mourned the loss of our time together with her in my tummy. I also didn't get a lot of time to prepare myself mentally with her surprise early arrival, so that probably had something to do with it. It really is crazy that all these babies are making their debuts or getting ready to. Eeeek!

  6. You are so close! How exciting! There are many nice things about pregnancy, but one of my favorites is carrying baby around with you everywhere you go, not having to get anything extra to take with you, and knowing baby is safe with you. And also, just having those days of you and baby -nobody else. I'm sure she'll come when she's ready, and I'm sure you will be over the moon to see her sweet little face!

  7. You are the cutest…seriously. Where's that shirt from? (Even if I'm not pregnant and don't have a use for it currently…haha.)

  8. THIS CLOSE!!! Eeep!
    I'm just waiting for that line to show up. However, I've heard with girls it often doesn't make an appearance…
    That McDonald's. Woah. Trigger craving at its finest, right here.

  9. You are adorable!! You totally look happy, content and so pretty. I just love that top on you. Glad you're doing great and hope you have a really uneventful next few weeks with lots of McDonalds 🙂

  10. I totally had the same thought- 36 weeks, already?! Missing the bump is too real. As much as having baby in arms is fantastic and getting prebaby body back is wonderful, something about not having it is a little bittersweet. Hormonal problems, much 😉

  11. I'm so behind on all my blog reading and feel like such an ass for not keeping up with your pregger self like I wanted to. Having said that, you are the most adorable preggers lay-day evah. Cherish all the moments, momma. So happy and excited for you!

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