Spena Baby Week 37

We’ve made it to early term! Hooray! We still don’t want Mabel to come yet, but if she decided to, it’s good to know that she would be alright 🙂
I’m not going to lie, once week 36 clocked by my body was like “oh hey girl, you’re 9 months pregnant.” and decided to feel just….fully cooked. Mentally and emotionally, I’m so not even ready to be done. I want to be pregnant forever. But physically? Yeah….reaching the end of the road(and room) in that department.
One big development this week was that I found out I tested positive for Group B strep. I just found out yesterday and had a big ol cry over it. I had been praying so hard that my result would be negative, so the fact that it came back positive felt like a big, dramatic blow. But, after talking to some mama friends on one of my online groups, they made me feel SO much better and now I’m not quite as upset as I was yesterday. Obviously, it still isn’t an ideal situation and I’m trying not to worry too much about Miss Mabel, but that is easier said than done.
If you’ve tested positive for GBS, how was your experience?

These gray leggings were a terrible decision. They had way WAY less stretch in them than the last time I’d worn them. I’m not sure how that happened :p

Weight Gain | Up 3 more. Blah! +37

Symptoms | Lots of peeing, lots of braxton hicks, lots of waddling, lots of groans and moans and afternoon naps.

Nesting, of course.

I’m not doing any cervical checks before labor, but when my Dr. measured me yesterday she said, “feeling pressure?” and I was like “uh, look at how LOW she is!” and she was like, “yeah, you’re measuring like her head is engaged.” So, waddling and peeing until she is here I guess!

Cravings | No cravings this week but I could have shed a tear over not getting to have a margarita on cinco de mayo. I looked up virgin margarita recipes but they were all super LAME so I passed on them. Only a few more weeks until a real one is MINE!

Size Of Baby | Swiss chard

19 inches and 6.3 pounds!

Movement | Oh always. Girlfriend makes her presence known quite frequently. Alien belly and baby for sure. Sometimes I think she’s trying to escape from my belly button alien style,

Sleep | Good but I’ve upped the bathroom trips to about 3-4 times a night. I also still can not stop sleeping on my back! I’ve fought it my entire pregnancy. I start on my side and still always wake up on my back. Sigh. Luckily Mabel is always moving around in there so I don’t worry about her too much- and now I’m waking up frequently enough that I just go back onto my side after I’ve gone to the bathroom.

Clothing | So after my long bra quest, my mom happened to send me a few bras from Target that she saw and thought I might like. Hello, comfort! I want to writhe around in how comfy they are. Usually softer bras are NOT my cup of tea because they make boobs look super weird, but somehow these ones don’t do that. I’ve been wearing them non stop and know they’ll be perfect once Mabel is here.

I’ve also stocked up on Gilligan & O’Malley nursing tanks! They were on sale online and I combined them with my registry discount and ebates and my red card! Not a bad dealio at all.

Nursery | It’s done!!

Purchases | I got the last few baby things that I was wanting to pick up:

Lanolin, a sound machine, a baby bather….oh and that one big thing- her car seat!!

Can’t Wait For | 

I’ve been soaking up all of the special one on one time with Miss Abigail of course, but we are both so excited for Mabel to join our Saturday morning snuggles!

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  1. Waddling or not you look fantastic! We will be praying for you and Miss Mabel, but I am sure everything will be okay! It is amazing the tools doctors have at their disposal these days! HUGS!

  2. Yay for being full term! What an amazing milestone! I know it feels good to get there:) Praying that these next couple of weeks go smoothly for you, sweet girl!

  3. I have that bra and have been wearing it basically non-stop. I need to stock up on a couple more, and those tanks too! Did you go with your pre-pregnancy size in the tanks or did you go up a size?

  4. I was also Strep B positive with both my girls. Like she said, you just have to be on a few rounds of the antibiotic before they want you to have the baby. I just had my 2nd 5 weeks ago at Mercy with Dr. K. Anyway, I had to be induced with both, but at 8.5 lbs and 9.6 lbs, I was glad we didn't wait. Apparently, my body doesn't "go into labor". Before they could start the induction, I had to be on the antibiotic. I think it was 4 hours apart for each round. It stinks a little because you have to have the IV, but that's the worst of it and as soon as I had them, they took it out. Both my girls were fine, no complications at all. You'll do great, so excited for you!

  5. Looking good mama! I can't believe you are almost done…which means I'm right behind you! So crazy and exciting! And I'm totally waking up on my back too…what's the deal? I don't remember doing that the first time around!

  6. Yay for full term! 🙂 I also tested positive for Strep B when we had our son, Peyton. The biggest thing is that if your water breaks it's imperative you get to the hospital soon. You have to receive all the antibiotics in a timely manner. So I was told laboring at home would be tricky because you don't want to labor at home for a long time, to have your water break THEN get to the hospital. If you are one with fast labors – I would definitely talk to your doctor about expectations on receiving the medication. Unfortunately – Peyton developed a high fever within a day of me birthing him which was very scary but very common with a Mother who has Strep B. He was heavily monitored and pricked and prodded and we stayed in the hospital for an extra 72 hours for the cultures to come back. The cultures came back negative (Hallelujah, AMEN) so we could leave and still don't know what the cause of the fever was to this day. That being all said – it's very common and the medical teams are fully aware and fully know how to handle the mother and the baby! Just make sure you remind your team upon arrival to the hospital that you were positive for it so treatment starts right away! Feel free to email me if you have more detailed questions. 🙂

  7. You are looking wonderful! Gotta say, I'm not looking forward to the waddling end stages. You are so close to meeting your baby girl, I'm so excited for you! Definitely going to check out your bra recommendation- I definitely need some more this time around.

  8. Courtney, you are seriously the cutest pregnant woman ever. So sorry to hear about the test result and I know absolutely nothing about it :-p but I'm praying for your healing! It'll all be good!

  9. I know you're disappointed about being GBS positive, but it shouldn't affect the birth that you want too much! Lots of positive thoughts your way. Also a little crunchy tip… I prefer coconut oil instead of lanolin. It's far less messy & goopy!

  10. You are so close now!! and can I just say, you look incredible, I don't even believe that you're waddling 😉 RE: the Group B thing… it's really not a big deal when they know you have it, a lot of women test positive the second time around because it was acquired in hospital. They just have to give you antibiotics before you deliver, no big deal 🙂 Mabel will be just fine, as will you! XO Can't wait to hear of her arrival!

  11. I had Jackie just 2 days before I hit 37 weeks, and your size estimate is pretty close! She was born at 5lbs 12oz and 18.5 inches. What an exciting time it must be for y'all! 🙂

  12. 37 weeks – yay!! You're THISCLOSE!!
    Oh, Cinco de Mayo was an unfortunate day. All those margaritas and not even a sip. Wahhh! I mean, I love me some chips and salsa, but they're just not the same without a marg.

  13. I tested positive for it. truthfully I still don't know what it means/meant :). They put something in an IV and I was told I was fine. Again, I still am not sure about it so why stress :). That was the easiest of the troubles I had 🙂

  14. I felt the SAME way on Cinco!! So sad 🙁 Wr had lame tacos and I was all pouty. Also- I'm ALREADY peeing 3-4 times a night. Baby #3 is rough on the bladder apparently, or I'm old. I had Liv at 37 weeks and I'm sure praying for this one to come a bit early too 😉 I'm off to check out your bra recommendations! Ha, such a glamorous life!

  15. So sorry to hear about Strep B, hopefully everything is okay though and there are no more bumps in the road. And why does it seem impossible to find a good fitting nursing bra? I have tried so many different ones, but haven't loved any of them. I might have to look into that one you mentioned. Maybe there is still hope?

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