Spena Baby Week 29

Hey hey hey! It’s the very last week of my 20’s! (As far as pregnancy goes…I’ve still got a few more years of 20 decade livin) I’m feeling great and loving my baby bump and just totally savoring getting to be a pregnant lady again. Goodness, what a gift!
A huge answer to prayer this week is that I found out I’m actually NOT anemic! My Dr. said that I was *close* to qualifying but definitely not so as long as I continued an iron rich diet(beef and broccoli, heard) I should be good to go. I also passed my glucose test! So hooray for great baby news all around.
We also discussed some specifics about labor and delivery. The hospital I delivered Abigail at closed their birthing center at the end of last year and now everyone who would have delivered there will now deliver at the new hospital that was built post tornado. It is opening officially next week!
I guess I should do a post sometime about my birth “plan” but basically we talked about how best to achieve the same labor and delivery care that I received at the old hospital at the new one, and a lot of what she said eased some of the worries that I had been thinking about. I have a great doctor 🙂

Weight Gain | +4 more this month clocking in at +22 total so far. Thankfully it seems my double double addiction didn’t inflict too much damage on me. Whew 😉

Belly Button & Stretch Marks |

The belly button is hanging in there and still an innie! As far as stretch marks go, I don’t *think* I have any new ones. I wasn’t lucky enough to escape entirely from stretch marks with Abigail. They showed up a little bit on my love handles and it appears that maybe a few new ones have joined the party in the same spot? But, it’s really hard to tell whether they are old ones or new ones. As long as they don’t take over everything I can probably handle it okay :p

Symptoms | Peeing, Braxton Hicks, and finally perhaps a bit of 3rd trimester lethargy? I’ve been more tired in the mornings, contemplating naps in the afternoon, or needing to lay down for a bit when Jim gets home from work. My body just feels kind of tapped out at that point and in need of a rest. Nothing too crazy but I am feeling my body/weight/baby a bit more than I was.

Size Of Baby | Squash! Acorn or butternut….different sites have different squash opinions apparently.

15-17 inches and 2.5-3.8 pounds!

Movement | Well in continuing with my belief that the little miss can read my thoughts(or maybe she reads my blog?) after I bragged last week that she moves so much I haven’t even had a chance to worry about her, she decided to take a day to be super lazy and scare me. It was the day after my glucose test so maybe that had something to do with it? She was still moving…occasionally, but just barely. I kept a close eye on it and tried laying down and doing all the things you’re supposed to and she just didn’t really respond much. Just….lazy. Fortunately, by the next morning things were back in business and I haven’t had to worry about her since 🙂 She’s kicking and rolling me to death as I type this so all is well.

Sleep | 

Clothing | Still fitting in all of my maternity things! I’m enjoying a bit of warmer weather to be able to break out the dresses and maxi skirts a bit, plus my new Toms ballet flats! They’re adorable and super comfy!

Nursery |

Seriously, I don’t even need to be crafty because I’ve made good enough friends who can be crafty for me. All four items made me cry, but the tree painting? With the 4 colored birds and the 8 little transparent birds all over the tree made me cry buckets. I mean. I’m having way too much fun coming up with the places to put Mabel’s new art all over her room.

So, we finally got to the heap of mess in the middle of Mabel’s room! Jim finished building her closet, I got all of her clothes and things organized, we cleared out the room entirely and vacuumed and then rolled out her rug!! Only to discover that it was about an inch too long to unroll completely.


We tried the other way and diagonally, neither of which worked either. I didn’t have my receipt(we’ve had this rug for forever up in the attic) but thankfully Target still took it back and gave us cash back! So, now I need to decide if I want another rug(I think I do because that carpet……bleh) and if so, what do I want?

Anyway, until then, we’ve got only Mabel things in her room and it’s really starting to come together! Hopefully soon we can get crib painted and set up and things hung up on her walls. Exciting!

Best Part Of The Week |
Such a great Dr.’s appointment!! I really felt awesome leaving there and now, we’re down to every two week appointments. Ah!

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  1. Oh man! I just sold something of Hallie's that we never opened to a resale shop thati figured target wouldn't take back because it's been 8 months since hallie was born! I should have at least tried! You look darling! Can't wait to see that adorable baby!

  2. Glad to hear you're not anemic [that sounds so weird written out] and that things are going well. So awesome you are sleeping well, so many of my friends are having trouble, woohoo for you!

    Bummer about the carpet, maybe try two small placement rugs? Love the crafts! Oh and you look lovely!

  3. That stinks about the rug! I'm sure there are tons of other cute options out there! I am going to be on the look for some for our rooms soon because I hate the carpet in our bedrooms. Lol
    I can't wait to see her room once it's complete! I just know it will be adorable!

  4. You look just stunning girl! So glad to hear about your good baby news-my glucose test is in just a couple weeks-blech! Our little guy had a couple of lazy days too and it made me panic, but ever since then he's been a moving machine. So nice to have that reassurance. Good luck on finding a slightly smaller rug though, I am sure you'll find something great!

  5. I was sooooo sad they closed down the birthing center. That's where I delivered too. My SIL wound up having to go to the temp hospital. It's funny because I did a tour of the hospital back when it was brand new and always said I wanted my baby delivered there. I lucked out! Hopefully the new hospital will be just as good. My MIL said the rooms aren't quite the same but they are still very nice.

  6. Yay for not being anemic, sweet girl! I so wish I was in that boat. The iron bills/stool softener combo is not fun. Ugh. And double yay for passing your glucose test. I know that was a big relief!!! Try Rugs USA for a carpet for Miss Mabel. I got Vivian's there – a Moroccan trellis style rug (which looks very similar to the pattern on your rug above and comes in a variety of colors) for $77. Including shipping!!! They were doing a big sale (the original cost of the rug was $350!!!) so I don't know if the prices will still be that low, but I'm sure they have something that you will love for a good deal. Worth checking for sure!:)

  7. How awesome is that?! Target rocks. And I second Jess! Rugs USA for the win. Can't beat their sales and free shipping..and no tax! HOLLA!
    Also, you made me LOL with LIKE A ROCK!! 🙂

  8. oh I was gonna be like, hey I'll buy the rug! haha jk. That's so nice Target gave you your money back!
    glad to hear everything is going well! Mabel needs to keep dancing so she doesn't scare you again!

  9. Woohoo for such a great doctor's appointment!
    Love the pieces of artwork that were so thoughtfully made by friends. Those are the best pieces to have.
    Momma, you are looking fabulous!

  10. I'm so glad your appointment went so well and you had nothing but good news! How fun for you that her room is coming together, those wall hangings are too sweet!

  11. I love the dress you are wearing!!!! So cute! Don't you love it when you get to that point where you are seeing the dr every 2 weeks and then weekly??? Eeek! So exciting! We are almost there!

  12. Glad to hear things are going so well. You look adorable as always. Sorry to hear about your rug situation. Does it come in a slightly smaller size? I just love that pattern.

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