Spena Baby Week 30!

I’ve officially crossed over! We’re into the 30’s now! I seriously can’t believe it. I’m so thankful to be feeling so good still and am having this strange complex about how we still have a lot of time before she joins us and yet somehow she will be here before we know it.
I told Jim earlier this week that before I get crazy, here’s my warning, I’m about to get crazy. I can feel the nesting anxiety urge rising in my chest and while previous to hitting the 3-0 numbers I’ve been all “oh lah dee dah we can get everything done anytime and it doesn’t even HAVE to be done before she gets here!” I can feel myself thinking, who the heck was she? This stuff needs to be finished yesterday, dude.

Symptoms | Getting tired faster, braxton hicks, tired feet, peeing all the time.

Cravings/Aversions | This doesn’t qualify as a craving, but the weather has been so gorgeous the last few days that we’ve played at the park in the evenings and then gone to our local drive in for ice cream afterwards. Seriously, they have like $1 GIANT ice cream cones. It’s fabulous. Anyway, I’ve been getting an “amoreo” shake as Abigail calls it, and it’s pretty much making my life these days.

Missing Most | With the advent of warm weather quickly approaching, I can’t tell you how much I am already making mental plans to head to Cheddar’s and get myself a sangria swirl margarita ohhh around June 1st or so.

Size Of Baby | Large cabbage!

15.7 inches and 3 pounds!

Movement | Oh my goodness. Super ramped up this week. Someone absolutely had a growth spurt(and her name is Mabel). I’m feeling feet and a bottom and elbows and punches. She’s rolling around almost all of the time. I had seriously forgotten how much your stomach moves. I was thinking the other day, no wonder women experience “phantom kicks”. When your stomach moves this much for so long, when it suddenly stops it’s no wonder you think you’re still feeling it.

Anyway, yes. Crazy rolling alien belly.

Sleep | No complaints! I’ve had a few times where I woke up in the middle of the night and took a little while to get back to sleep, but really not hardly even worth mentioning! Sleep is good.

Clothing | With the warmer weather I have been loving wearing my maxi skirts! I only have two, so I think I might need to invest in another one to get me through to due date. I have never been one to wear skirts much so it is a really fun style change for me. And those low rise, stretchy waistbands? Bless em.

Purchases | 

I mentioned in my “Baby Items Wish List” post earlier this week that the Boon company sent me their Suds Bottle Washing System and a bunch of other free goodies for the Mabes. When a huge box showed up on my doorstep I totally teared up. I had no idea that I was getting anything other than the bottle washing system. The generosity of their company seriously blew me away.

PS, You get a teensy kitchen AND nursery sneak peek in this picture 🙂  

Oh yeah. We also bought this beauty. Now I just need another car seat to put in it!

Nursery | I’m not going to show you yet, but there are a few things hanging on her walls!! Her closet is finished and organized and I’ve spent a good part of my week online shopping for a glider, rug, and curtains. Nothing has been decided on yet because $$$, sheesh! But, I’ll figure it out pretty soon I think.

Oh! But I did order this and I can’t wait to get it. I mean, how cute, right?

Best Part Of The Week | Getting the van! Major relief, major checklist checked.

Oh yeah! Abigail has finally really really been able to feel Mabel moving in there and she loves it. She’ll say, “Oh Mabel! Kick, Mabel! It’s me! Your sister, Abigail!”

Can’t Wait For | I’m heading to a local consignment sale tonight and I’m really hoping to find some things for Miss Mabel, in great condition + super cheap. That’s one of the best things about shopping for a brand new one, usually the things are hardly used and so much cheaper than brand new. We’ll see what I can find!!

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  1. That gold pouf is amazing! I love it, and am now trying to figure out a way to make it work in Vivi's nursery. She will have gold accents in there, but her glider is a tan color and I'm just not sure if a gold pouf would work with it…Decisions, decisions. If our glider was white, I'd be on that pouf like a pregnant woman on cake, lol. And YES, girl, the money part of the nursery planning is tough. Gotta space out those big purchases! I totally feel ya on the nesting urges. Mine set in a while ago, but really ramped up around the third trimester/30 week mark. I guess it's about when reality hits that this baby is coming and we need to be ready, lol!:)

  2. awww 'it's your sister' so cute!! that's so awesome that boon sent all that stuff. i say go crazy with the nesting, why not! how often does this happen?!

  3. Looks like we're due around the same time! I'm 28 weeks now. I also just went to the best consignment sale over the weekend and found so many goodies. Best.invention.ever! Enjoy!

  4. yay for the sneak peek!! What is your due date again? I keep forgetting. Oh andplusalso I have to work on the opening day of our local JBF sale next week (at the house where I don't get to drive the kids….) so I have to wait until the work day is over to go…sad face

  5. I can NOT believe you're at 30 weeks! I'm over here crawling out of a hole from my all-day sickness and catching up on blogs and WOAH! I'm so excited to see the nursery and that sweet little babe soon!

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