Spena Baby Week 31

Here we are at 31 weeks! Jim has been gone on business all week, but finally returns tonight(woooo!) Before he left, the man’s parting words to me were, “take lots of naps.”
Message received homeboy.
Same shirt….but at 13 weeks instead. Excuse me while I go cry over how huge I thought I was then….
Weight Gain | Speaking of huge, up another 4 lbs(in two weeks. OOF.) bringing the grand weight gain so far to +26. Up and up the scale goes, where it will stop, nobody knows…..

Belly Button & Stretch Marks |
No new guys this week but I’m not holding my breath. Especially if I end up bigger than I was with Abigail(which looks like that will be happening…) and my belly button is mostly just flat/innie but sometimes when she moves a certain way it makes it kind of pop forward a little, which is simultaneously creepy and hilarious.

Symptoms | I’ve actually been having an upset stomach a lot? Particularly after I eat. I guess maybe that is indigestion? I don’t really know but it kind of reminds me of the early pregnancy days. It isn’t unbearable, it’s mostly more annoying like I just ate something delicious and now I feel kind of sick. I’m also tired in the afternoons and my low back and feet get tired faster when I’ve been up and doing things all day. I’m guessing the additional 26 pounds isn’t helping with that…

Cravings & Aversions |
 Broccoli is still the one thing I have been eating hilarious amounts of. Aversions? Random, but I can’t do spicy nacho doritos anymore. Really I kind of hate doritos but that one flavor is like my favorite, anyway, they’ve sounded good(so I guess they don’t qualify as an aversion?) but like five minutes after I eat them I kind of want to kill myself. So, adios chips.

Missing Most | My husband! He needs to come home and hang with us….and also my new kitchen pendant lights that came in the mail while he was gone..

Size Of Baby | a coconut!

3.3 lbs and 16 inches long!

Movement | Plenty of that! She enjoys mama’s food, music, and kicking Daddy when we’re trying to fall asleep at night.

Sleep | Still zero complaints. I never sleep as good when Jim is gone, I always have a hard time finally falling asleep without him here, but once I do I’m OUT.

Purchases | Well, I made it to that consignment sale last week and didn’t find as much as I was hoping. I was really crossing my fingers to find some of the “big” items that we need(except a car seat, I’ll only buy that new) and totally didn’t. Oh well. I still managed to find Mabel some cute outfits and a babyhawk carrier for when she is too big for the Solly or wants to be back carried.

Nursery | I found some cute gold fabric at Hobby Lobby this week so I can finally get to work on making the fabric banner to hang above her bed! I also ordered her curtains, got some spray paint for a couple craft projects, and I *think* we made a decision about what to do for a glider/rocker. (IKEA……we’re comingggggg)

Best Part Of The Week | Hearing her heartbeat and having a wonderfully uneventful checkup yesterday.

Can’t Wait For | Getting her crib painted! I’m dying to see what it looks like in her room all set up. I think it will be SO cute!

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  1. Because I can't remember.. when is your due date again?
    Also, you look fabulous! I know it's hard to see a gain of 26 pounds but baby girl, you've worked damn hard to get to this point in your life and while no one likes gaining weight, you are going to love every single one of these pounds the moment you get to hold Mabel in your arms.

  2. Looking oh so beautiful as always! Have you tried taking papaya enzymes with your meals? It's mostly a great natural way to treat heartburn, but it helps with overall digestion too!

  3. You are seriously rocking that baby bump. 26 pounds? I do not believe it. You look fabulous!
    I feel you on the back pain. I thought I'd have a ways to go before that 'fun' kicked in. No such luck.
    P.S. You're in the single digits for weeks to go before Miss Mabel arrives. How CRAZY is that?!!

  4. You do NOT look like you've gained 26 pounds!! Maybe 10. MAYBE! And it's all in your belly, and barely even there! You look fab!! Pregnancy really looks great on you! 🙂

  5. Agree with Sarah above – you totally don't look like you've gained 26 pounds at all! But I know how you feel Momma. I'm at a 27 pound gain right now and feeling every pound. Eeek! I never would have thought that I would gain more the second time around than the first, but I guess these girls have minds of their own, don't they? Lol! Can't wait to see what you do with the nursery:)

  6. You look so great! It is really funny how huge I thought I was at like 12 weeks, and now at 19 I'm like HELLO MRS. GIANT. And I know in another 10 weeks I'll look back and laugh at myself once again.

  7. You look fabulous and how awesome that you're still able to rock that same top at 31 weeks that you did at 13!!! Oh yes that sickness sounds like heartburn/indegestion.. eat smaller portions and drink more water was what I was told 😉

  8. How fun that you have the nursery nearly finished! I'm sure once the crib is painted everything will fall into place so quickly and that it will look amazing. I can't wait to see the finished room! 🙂 You look so good!

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