The Best Board Games For Kids

Over two years ago I shared some of Abigail’s favorite board games to play. Surprisingly enough, we actually still enjoy playing all of those games! But, now that she is a little bit older, we’ve added a few more into our game night routine and I thought today would be a great day to share some of the best board games for kids that we’ve found so far!

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Jim and I are both big game players.

We grew up in families that played games, we play games together, and now, we love to play games as a family. Not only are they fun, but they also promote all sorts of great values- such as taking turns, being a good sport, winning and losing, and following the rules.

It also helps with counting, colors, strategy, remembering the rules, and depending on the game, even learning new vocabulary!

The Best Board Games For Kids (in no particular order!):



Connect 4

Guess Who?


Ticket To Ride


Chutes & Ladders

Pay Day


Settlers Of Catan Junior


What are some of the best board games for kids that your family loves to play?


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  1. I love board games! Unfortunately my hubby isn’t as big of a fan of them but it seems that Toddles is leaning towards enjoying them…so in another year or so I might have a partner!

  2. I love board games! I grew up playing all of the standard ones, but added some awesome ones as I got older. My favorites now are Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, and 7 WONDERS!

  3. Ooh we love board games (and puzzles!)! Our current faves are Frankie’s Food Truck, the Daniel Tiger game, and Sequence for Kids!

  4. We are a game loving family! We actually find the best (and most random) games from garage sales! We love playing Crazy 8’s in addition to all of the above mentioned.

  5. I have to admit I am not a big game person but I’ve learned to love them a bit more thanks to Connor’s love. It doesn’t hurt that he likes simple games. I was forced to play Monopoly one too many times growing up and ever since, I’m a little bitter about board games.

  6. We just got the Gone Fishin’ game and Wyatt is loving it! It makes me so excited to do fun things like that with him. It’s like he’s growing up, or something. 🙂

  7. I love board games too! We’ve just started playing them more and more buy Mason’s recently been really into Sneaky Snacky Squirrel and the Mickey Chutes and Ladders/Candyland version. I think it’s called Surprise Slides? Super fun if you guys are into Disney!

  8. We are board game lovers too! Ok maybe Brian’s not, but he plays with us so I count it 😉 The only game I can’t stand is Chutes and Ladders, lingest game EVER. We’ve been getting into Uno recently and thats fun and funny to hear Kinsey say it lol

  9. Fun! We always enjoy playing games when we pull them out, but seem to have a hard time making it routine. Maybe when Olive is a little older she’ll start reminding us. I’m hoping to put our games in an easily accessible spot in our new house to remind us to get busy and play those games! I grew up playing games with my siblings all the time so I’d like to get better at it. Thanks for the reminder

  10. War!! I totally forgot about that one!
    We are big into Go Fish right now. Marcus also loves this Monkey Bingo game he received for his birthday, as well as Sneaky Snacky Squirrel.
    Did you play Old Maid growing up? I loved that game, but haven’t seen it around in ages!

  11. I can get on board with all of them except Chutes and ladders… I DESPISE that game. I think it was made just to tick moms off actually :P. I need to get my girls a Checker set like the one in your picture. M really likes to play but we don’t own them. I also liked Chinese checkers when I was her age so maybe I should check that out too.

  12. We haven’t played any board games with Mason, yet. He has ADHD so focusing on something like a board game would be a challenge. But we have seen vast improvements with him lately so I think it’s time we give this a try!

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