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What’s Been Goin On

First things first, if you look up in your web address bar, you should notice my shiny new domain up and running! It was a major mess all last week- but I think we’re finally *mostly* squared away. If you type in my old address(www.apluslife.net) it will forward you to the new address(www.homesweetspena.com). Additionally, any old pins or links that are floating around out there will now be directed here as well. But, if you haven’t updated your bookmark for A + Life, you can go ahead and do that now!

Mmkay, enough shop talk. Let’s get to the fun stuff. My girls!

I haven’t shared a compilation of random fun stuff lately, so here is the remedy for that.

This seemed like a good picture to get us started with, don’t you think?

And, yes, my t-shirt says “Jacob Black I want to La Push you off a cliff” If you get that reference, GOLD STAR FOR YOU

When she’s not busy building ice palaces, Queen Elsa likes to take it easy on Ikea ottomans, in Tiana heels, sitting all fancy like.


I went to take a picture of this amazing chocolate cake that my friend made(so what if I was having it for breakfast??) and my latte and then I noticed this little photo bomber just totally hamming it up. I DIE.

My sister in law sent me a zoomed in photo of her face and I laughed so hard I cried.

Turns out, our guest room bed makes for a pretty good backdrop/crawling practice location.

In case you were wondering, still using our Solly baby wrap over here! Every Sunday morning at church you will see me using it. It doesn’t knock her out as fast as it used to(I guess it’s magical baby sleep properties decrease over time) but it still gets the job done!

I thought it would be fun to do one of those 9 months in 9 months out type comparison photos. But, Mabesy came at 38 weeks, so here’s 38 weeks in and 38 weeks out :p

This photo inspired a lot of heart eyes and an immediate text to my hair stylist to book me for a haircut.

The spring semester of dance classes started back up! Hooray! We love where we go so much and Abigail has so much fun.

I can’t explain this pose to you though. She’s a character.

I get reams and reams of paper and drawings and notes and stories from Abigail every day. And I super seriously love it.

That stay at home life. Just kickin it.

We got home from dance class last week and the weather was gorgeous, so Abigail asked if she could play outside. I said, “Sure! Just go change out of your dance clothes and put on something you can wear to play in”

Annnnnd she came down wearing this.

Swing and a miss, little love.

This little chunk at her 9 month appointment last week! Did she sign for milk the entire time? Yes, yes she did. Would she stand up and bear weight on her legs? No, no she wouldn’t.

Hashtag sitting for life

The weather has been absolutely amazing lately! Totally unusual for February in Missouri. Usually we’ve got a snow situation happening, but this last Saturday it got up to almost 80 degrees! Crazy! So we’ve been outside all day, err day. Playing on our deck, using our swing set, and just enjoying our backyard so much.

I just happened to capture both of these pictures while we were playing in Mabel’s room the other day annnnnnnd now I have a new screen saver. Seriously, new favorite picture award.

I asked Jim to snap a quick picture of us in church this week after we had sat back down from taking communion. There was just something about my lap being full of my children in the middle of church that just made my heart incredibly full. I’m so thankful he was able to capture it for me.

And that’s a bit of what has been going on with us!

May your Monday be filled with fancy crossed ankles but absolutely zero car naps.

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  1. The chocolate cake photobomb? Priceless. I died over it on IG. Mabel's little face is just so stinking precious. Love it. Your girls are the sweetest. And Abigail's play clothing choice? On point. Girl's got style. After all, better to be overdressed than under dressed, right? Lol!

    PS: You might want to check my blog today. Just sayin';)

  2. I love this. I cracked up at Mabel's picture at her doctor appointment. Too funny. Her little face, not standing, signing milk [which reminds me I ought to start signing with Oliver!]. She's just too much! My heart would be full if I were you too! 🙂

  3. Mabel is the cutest photo bomber EVER 🙂 Have a lovely weekend <3

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

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