Easter Hunts

Jim’s parents came down last weekend to spend a few days with us. All morning Saturday, while Jim and I hosted our very first garage sale, Grandma Jenny and Grandpa Monty {as Abigail says} played, and played, and played, and played! with Miss A. They did resurrection eggs, dyed Easter eggs, played dress up, and all sorts of other things that evoked many a squeal that could be heard through our garage door.

After our sale was over{and we were 329 dollars richer- hey hey!} and Abigail had a nice long nap, we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful day and to do an outdoor Easter egg hunt.

Round one, Grandpa Monty hid the eggs and Abigail had to find them all.

Round two, Abigail “hid” them all and then “helped” Grandma and Grandpa find them.

I’m so thankful that Abigail has been blessed with such amazing grandparents. The kind who actively engage, play, teach, guide, and patiently listen to her little heart. They are such a gift to us!


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  1. So sweet! I love your shirt, Courtney! Aren't garage sales fun?! Seriously, I love them. I can't wait for our garage sale season to start in about a month!

  2. I always love all your pictures. I was just thinking how much I love how you document so many of your family memories!

  3. eek! So cute! I can't get over how cute her little outfit is! She is such a beautiful little girl. You're going to have to watch out for her when she gets older. haha!

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