I’m Walkin Away

You know how the saying goes.

If it walks like a money pit and talks like a money pit, then it’s probably a money pit.

Well. I don’t think that is *actually* the saying. But, it serves my purposes today.

Exhibit A

Cute house.

Hitting our top 3 priorities


4th bedroom
Because it was a foreclosure, we had to go through the bank to get anything done. Getting the inspection taken care of was a long process. It didn’t even happen until the day before our original closing date!
Jim went with the inspector and they were able to look at {almost} everything. Most of it was what we had already looked at and expected, but there were a few additional things that we weren’t. Such as, having to replace the entire roof{$$}

Jim emailed me the full inspection list and this was my only reply:

Of course, we stuck with it a few more days and spent some time pricing everything out. Gathering information, potential estimates, and ranges of cost from big to small.

The biggest problem that we had with the house though, was that we hadn’t been able to get under it{pretty important, no?}. There was a board screwed onto the side of the house tighter than anything Jim had ever seen and neither the inspector nor Jim could get the thing off. So, a few days after the inspection{while I was in AZ} I received this picture.

He finally managed to get under the house! He snapped some pictures to show to our friend who had toured the house with us previously, but we knew pretty well at that point, things were no bueno under that casa.
After a long conversation together and advice from our friend and our realtor involving lots of potential $$$ and visions of this as my future:

We decided to cancel our contract.
We are only out the $275 that we paid for our formal inspection. Because of the condition of the underneath of the house and the roof as well, we will be receiving all of our earnest money back. So we’re considering this a $275 crash course in old home buying. We learned a heck of a lot and already feel more prepared for next time!
While it’s definitely a bummer to not get this house, it is MUCH less of a bummer than if we had actually bought it.

So, back to the drawing board. We’re still looking and keeping our eyes peeled for a house that will be perfect for us, but it isn’t on the market currently. Until then, I love my home right now and am more than happy to take our time looking, dreaming, and saving until the perfect place comes along.

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  1. Sounds like you guys FULLY did the right thing (you'd better believe I wrote "write thing" first and was like woah woah woah. That's not "write"….). Something better, cuter, and with waaaay fewer issues will come along. I mean a whole new roof amongst other problems? Run baby run!

  2. Well that's a bummer. At least you were able to find all that the house needs and were able to make a smart decision regarding it! You did the right thing for sure! I am so anxious to move but know that it's best to take our time finding the perfect house and property for us! Happy searching!


  3. aw. Im sorry that it was going to end up being a money pit! I have some family members here in California who fell in love with a house, and had to back out of it after the inspection. It's never a fun OR easy thing to do. God has someone perfect for you three, though; it'll all work out.

  4. So sorry that it didn't work out. However, on the bright side, at least you were able to make that decision now rather than being stuck with it later.

  5. bummer about the house but sounds like the right decision. so glad you can get your earnest money back too! You'll find something that's right! It's spring and prime real easte season a house is coming!

  6. Awww so sorry the house didn't work out for you! But there's a reason your gut was telling you to walk away-there is something much better ahead for you guys!

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