Spring Things

I titled this “spring things” because, technically, it is spring. But, mother nature hasn’t quite gotten with the program yet and we had freezing rain last weekend and it looks like it’s calling for some snow this weekend too. Soooo….yeah.

Terrible weather aside though, life with the three littles is so good. We’ve been spending most of our days at home, because getting everyone ready to get out of the house + disrupting Finn’s naptime + cold is just something I still can’t get on board with, so not leaving the house for days on end it is!

We do lots of games, school, movies, pajama days, snuggles, snacks, facetime with grandparents, the occasional baking, latte making, painting, coloring, and playing in the girls room together.

So anyway, here are a bunch of pictures that I’ve taken recently and want to remember. And Grandmas will probably want to print and hang on their fridge. You know how it goes.

These pajamas were Abigail’s and they were her favorite favorite FAVORITE. Seeing Mabel in them hit me with all sorts of emotions, so, naturally I took about a million pictures of her in them(keep scrolling and you’ll see the rest!)

A bathroom selfie at Classical Conversations. I never knew I could love a bathroom selfie so much.

Also, like two minutes later he was super mad about being the wrap and made me take him out. Full disclosure.

Someone has started eating solids!!! He can clear out a container of this yogurt in one sitting no problem. Boy has an appetite.

My morning scene <3

Our city hosted a kid’s garage sale and Abigail took the opportunity to make some extra money. It was SO much fun! She was more motivated to get rid of things than I have ever seen and had the best time setting up her booth and selling(and shopping). She ended up bringing home $20, spent $3, and donated the things that didn’t sell. Huge success!

Scenes from daily latte making.

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that we had had a Dr. appointment for Mabel to check on her birth mark beside her eye. We LOVE the pediatric ophthalmologist that we go to- he is well worth the drive for us. Fortunately, her check up went SO well that he said he doesn’t need to see her again until Kindergarten. Hooray!

Classic Mabel face.

This little guy has also been loving the swing outside! (on the days when it is actually warm enough to get out and use it!)

My boys 🙂

This is us!

Classic Mabel face pt. 2

Closing in on 7 months old and finally starting to wear real clothes. He’s moving on up in the world.

This was from St. Patrick’s Day. I had to work REALLY hard to find them green to wear. This was the best I could come up with!

And that’s that! Our May is going to be absolutely INSANE, so I’m trying to enjoy a laid back April as we work to finish up Abigail’s school year and enjoy lazy days at home- but hopefully in our backyard soon too!

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  1. You might want to share with the Grandmas that prints are free using the Shutterfly app… just pay for shipping! I try to sit down every couple of months and purge photos from my Camera Roll to the app and order prints.

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