So, An Ugg Wearing, Starbucks Carrying, 20 Something Walks Into A Tattoo Parlor….

Oh gosh guys. This sounds like the start of a REALLY good joke.

Some of you might be wondering how straight laced, preppy, and entirely predictable Courtney ended up in a tattoo parlor.

Here you have it:

Jim and I have always talked about tattoos. We both like them, we both have things that we care about, but…..just nothing that we were ready to have on our bodies forever. Foreva-evah.

First came Abigail and I entertained the thought even more{still am, if you must know}, but….nursing, trying to conceive, infertility treatments, then the babies, then not being in a rational state of mind to make forever sorts of decisions….etc.

I came up with the idea of the dandelion and the seeds many, many months ago. I ran the idea past a few friends and we all loved it.

About a month ago, or more, I had the idea to have it done on my due date. I really started getting emotional about the day coming up and was having a hard time dealing with it, when suddenly I thought, this is something I could do FOR them and make my day about them entirely. And it felt so special and perfect and right that I knew I just had to book it.

So a few weeks ago, with a recommendation to this shop from a friend who has a tattoo that is perfection, I knew I was walking into a stand up establishment. Their hours are during the day, they were exceptionally clean, and it had a nice, quiet atmosphere. I didn’t feel uncomfortable or out of place at all. I talked to the man{who ended up being my tattoo artist, Damon} at the front desk about what I wanted and he drew up a rough sketch for me. He gave me a quote, asked for a deposit, gave me his business card, and we set up my appointment for March 5th at 10am.
Which brings us to yesterday morning!
My good friend, Lee Ann, came with me for moral support and also iPhone photography skills 😉

She has tattoos and she has experienced loss. She was 100% the absolute best person who could have come with me. I was so thankful for her.
{so sorry about all the foot pics, y’all. it is what it is! At least I painted my toenails the night before, right?}

First things first, we talked about what I wanted again and where I wanted it. Then he drew a template with orange sharpie in the location so I could get an idea of where it would end up and how big it would be. {He originally drew it farther back and we erased it and moved it farther forward- I just omitted those pics because they were redundant!}
Hilarious{and somewhat embarrassing} story:

Okay, so I was super nervous because I didn’t know how much it was going to hurt. I was really stressing about it. He said it would probably take an hour to do and I was thinking internally, “AN HOUR?!” Soo…my feet started to sweat. And as you can see, my foot was supposed to be kind of sideways and he didn’t want me supporting my leg by holding it.

I was like…I’m pretty sure my feet are going to slide.

Not kidding, there was actual pooled wetness on his plastic and he was like “oh. my. gosh. that is a moist foot. I have to go get more paper towels”
Not nervous at all.
Here goes!
Not exaggerating- I’ve had pedicures that made me wince more.
On a scale of 1-10, I rate it a 2.

The most uncomfortable part was when I really had to pee{thanks, coffee} and couldn’t get up to go.

Almost done!

He used 3 different shades of black and gray so that as it heals it will get lighter and have more dimension and coloring.
We decided to add just a little white because I told him I wanted it to be as light and airy as possible.
The finished product!
Thrilled, clearly.
I can’t believe I did it! All done and feeling brave.
I give my first tattoo experience a major thumbs up. No pain like I was expecting, it turned out exactly how I wanted it to, and I love what it represents. If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo yourself, well, I’m certainly not going to be one to talk you out of it now.

I’m in the club.

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  1. Love it and all it represents to you! I don't have a tattoo but always wanted one. I've got the itch now! And the title of this is perfect! LOL!!

  2. I know I already said it, but I really love your tattoo and the meaning behind it. I think it's perfect. I have one tattoo I got kind of spur of the moment, and I sort of regret it. I've been wanting one on my wrist for forever now, but I keep chickening out.

  3. Love that you did this! I also love that the tattoo has sooo much meaning.
    I am afraid of getting tattoos and they are not my thing, BUT I love this one!

    Xo Lourdes

  4. Wow!! You are brave! I definitely think it was a good idea. If you are going to get a tattoo, I think that one was a wise choice, and definitely one you'd never regret.

  5. I am in love with this!! So special……we got ours for our anniversary (also on my mom's birthday) and my mom hated it. But now that I have that memory of doing it on her birthday makes it even more special. I am hoping to get a few more (they really are addicting once you get one they aren't as scary as they were before). Like I told you before I want to get one on my foot "Faith" just looking for the right font. I want it to be much more detailed and goddy than the one on my wrist. It will have a few meanings (just like my wrist one): Faith for Ellie's middle name and on my foot for walking by faith. Then I am hoping to find "Love, Mom" in my moms handwriting have have on my ribcage under my arm pit.

    nice job. I will be sure to document mine on the blog when it happens!

  6. I love love love this!! And I'm so proud of you for being brave! I'd be a complete mess 😉 and I LOVE the finished product and the meaning!!

  7. I love it! I got one the summer after Evie died. It's amazing how hard times in your life make you want to do something like get a tattoo. Anyway, I think it looks great 🙂

  8. Aww I love it, Courtney! I love the meaning and it turned out really well. I thought about getting one there on my foot too and people said it would hurt like hell. Glad to know it wasn't terrible!

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