22 months

*Commence hyperventilating at the realization that my little baby’s 2nd birthday is rapidly approaching*
If I thought the 21st month was a huge developmental hurdle, this month blows it out of the water.
Abigail has started “parroting”. I’ll say something and she will repeat it right back. I’ll ask her if she can say something and she will say it right back.
Last night we had a conversation like this-
Me: So you and Daddy went on a walk? What did you do?
Her: Yeah! Slide!
Me: Oh, you went down the slide at the park? Did you go down with Daddy or by yourself?
Her: Yeah, park! Self!
Me: Did you go down the straight or the curly slide?
Her: Curly!
Me: Wow! Did you ride the squirrel/alligator/truck?
Her: Yeah! yeah! yeah!
Whether all of that was true or not I don’t know, but it just dawned on me that I just had an entire conversation with her. I was so proud and so blown away that we’ve gotten to a point where we can communicate through words. Amazing.
She can say things with much more clarity. Her colors and shapes sound so much more enunciated. Plus, she throws in a few curve balls at me. (Like, knowing the color brown and the shape diamond) She also is getting a lot better with names. She can say all her disney princesses, “ickey” and “innie!”, all the mmc characters, all the dora characters, she’s really starting to nail down family members too. She can say Mimi and Pa perfectly, Gah me, Pap, Unc Ka, Dane( Aunt M.E.’s dog, lol), and she’s working really hard at getting out grandma and grandpa.
I discovered while swinging her one day that she can count to ten. TEN. I would say, “one, what comes after one?” She’d go, “two!!”. I’d say, “two, what comes after two?” and she’d shout, “three!!” and so on. She gets a little tripped up at 5, 6, 7. But she totally knows them and I am amazed.
Another huge, huge, huge blow me out of the water moment is she almost knows her entire alphabet. I can write out the letters and she can point to and say 20 out of the 26(yes, I absolutely counted).
She’s getting so much better at imaginative play. The other day she was playing with her little people house and her people kept saying to each other, “hey, guys!”. She has her stuffed animals talk to each other and takes wonderful care of her baby dolls.
She loves to color and as of right now it’s looking like her right hand is dominant.
She loves stickers and she completely cracks me up when she uses them because she sticks them all over herself in hilarious places. Like, for example, right over her eyes.
She tries to sing some and it is so adorable. I’ve caught her singing Sleeping Beauty’s “Once Upon A Dream” Sounds nothing like it, but I can pick out the words upon and dream, and can tell she is attempting to sing. So stinkin sweet.
She has started to say “men!” at the end of prayers unpromted and she has been trying to close her eyes when we pray. Which is so hilarious because she can’t quite figure it out and gets this really squinty look as she tries to do it right.
She still takes one nap a day, between 1 and a half to 2 hours long. Bedtime at 8, wake up around 7.
Bath every night, 3 meals a day, the occasional snack.
She’s wearing a size 7 shoe(holy toledo) and is defnitely in 2T clothes now. I was hoping her 18-24 months shirts would carry her through fall, but she outgrew those bad boys over night.
No updates in the potty training department. I got her a seat for the toilet and she likes to sit on it occasionally, but we’ve never had any success. She’s more interested in the toilet paper and flushing….and watching me go and pointing to everything she can. Like, shouting bottom, pee, and poop as much as she can. But, that’s fine, I’m in no rush to get her out of diapers.
Current obsessions:
Foodwise, it’s toast. She asks for it constantly. Breakfast, lunch, or snack. She wants toasted bread with peanut butter on it.
Favorite fruit: It’s probably a tie between peach and kiwi.
Favorite veggie: Corn( if I’m allowed to count that as a veggie)
Favorite show: It alternates daily. She loves her disney singalongs, dora, or mickey mouse clubhouse. With the occasional veggie tales. We’re back to only watching two a day because the weather isn’t quite so stinking hot out anymore.
Favorite things to do: ow-side! and car!


Mama and Dada love you so, so much. We are so proud of the sweet, smart, adaptable little girl that you are. We are so thankful to be your parents and we pray fervently every day that your heart will be soft and gently drawn to the One who created you.

(Now- I must get back to feeding you blueberries, turkey, cheese, and bread…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

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