Happy 3rd Birthday, Abigail.

Tuesday was Miss Abigail’s 3rd birthday. At 7:40am the clock officially clicked her another year older and left behind a different year never to be lived again. That sounds kind of gloomy, but when you turn three it’s actually really super exciting.
We let her choose her day. It was Abigail day. And it was so much fun. {And also eerily similar to her birthday last year. The little lady knows what she likes!}
Unfortunately, I was somewhat of a picture taking fail because I didn’t get a single picture of her with Mama and Daddy or enjoying the yummy PINK SPRINKLE donut that her Daddy surprised her with for breakfast.
But, otherwise….
After her pink donut{they didn’t have purple- in case you were wondering}, she spent the next hour or so stuffing her grandparents into her closet along with all of her stuffed animal friends.
Luckily, she is a kind closet stuffer and allows you to have her light up octupus from her Citrus Lane box inside with you. I know this because I have been spending the greater part of my days lately shut up inside that closet.
We were ready to head out for errands! But, first! We must show off how old we are. Abigail is holding a purple playdoh 3 that she cut out. Grammy is just being generally awesome.
After a ride on the mall “merry go round” {it’s like a mini merry go round, with only 3 seat options. And it costs an entire dollar to ride. So, it’s like a 3 year old miracle to get to ride it} we walked the entire mall to get to the arcade to ride……
The “spinny” ride. A.K.A. the thing that spins. A.K.A. a claw machine game that literally turns about 1 mph.
For some reason, she absolutely loves it.
So, we rode it.
Racing to the next best thing with a grandparent on each arm.
Toddler bliss.
We were all shocked when she chose Chick Fil A for lunch{not really}
After the mall we headed over to the trusty Toys R Us to look for purple playdoh and purple paint{she has used up all the purple craft products in our house. Big surprise, I know} We struck out with that, but we did come home with some purple ornaments for her tree and she got to ride the mickey car holding her free TRU balloon.
I love this picture so much.
After an epicly long birthday nap, Daddy arrived home from work early{yay!}, and we let her choose dinner. She requested breakfast for dinner, so that’s what we did! Biscuits, bacon, scrambled eggs, and fruit. Complete with a princess crown.

Now THAT is what I call a birthday.

And the celebrating doesn’t end there! Grammy and Pappy are here all week, more guests are arriving on Friday night, and her big party is this weekend.

What a lucky little girl. And how lucky are we that she is ours?


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  1. Can't wait to hear how the party goes. Katie has hers also on Saturday, we are looking forward to it.

    How fuuny but no surprise for us either. We had Chick-fil-a for lunch too that day. We go all the time but Katie finally was allowed chicken! She ate almost a whole nuggets worth. Crazy.

    Glad she had such a great great day.
    Hope your party is perfect.

    1. Pink ombre it is. =)
      It will be a great day for our girls.
      I can't wait to see pictures from yours too. =) I need to update my blog. Lol =/ I'm so behind.

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