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Legos are something that we hadn’t really gotten into much at home yet. We don’t own any Legos and they haven’t been something that Abigail has really had a chance to play with much before. But! Then we came to Grammy’s house and she pulled out all of my little brother’s old Lego sets and this little girl instantly became a Lego maniac!

Abigail has built just about every set that Uncle Cameron had, so we thought it would be a fun time to take her to Arizona’s Legoland for the day!

We had an absolutely wonderful time! There were so many fun things to see and do(and build!) there. Even Mabel loved it!


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We had so much fun building things together!

There was also two different rides to enjoy, a super fun play place for Abigail to run around in, a play area with giant Duplos blocks for the littles to play with(Mabel was obsessed!), they had an adorable 4D movie(it was SO cute!) with all of the Lego Movie characters and wind, rain, AND snow(Abigail’s favorite part!) in it.


Then we spent some time in the Lego store to choose a set to bring home to play and work on. After much deliberating, Abigail finally selected a treehouse and Mabel ended up with a Mickey Mouse train. Both girls have already played and played and played some more with their new sets and it has been so awesome to watch.

We highly recommend checking Legoland out if you have one near you and we definitely can’t wait to go back next time we’re in Arizona!


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  1. Kinsey’s Lego collection has pretty much tripled in a short few months span, but I enjoy building with her, too! Legoland is definitely in our list of theme parks to visit.

  2. One of these is opening near us next spring! I don’t know who is more excited – me or Mila! Glad to hear it was a hit for you guys! LOVE that picture of the 3 of you!

  3. What a fun place to visit! Legos/Duplos are one of our favorite toys! I love how Reese can get creative with them, and they’ll be even more fun once Charlotte stops chewing on them. 🙂

  4. oh this is so cool! i loved legos as a kid, it’s amazing how something so simple can entertain for hours and hours and be so… well, not simple to a kid. i still haven’t seen the movie though!

  5. Legos have taken over our house! And, can I tell you how bad it hurts to step on one? How fun for you all to visit Legoland! We have one about an hour and a half away that we’ve been wanting to take our lego-obsessed little guy to! Hopefully soon!

  6. I literally NEVER knew there was a Legoland in Arizona! That’s so awesome that you got to take the girls there. Although, I might have to warn you, you’ve probably opened a rabbit hole and now you’re going to have to buy ALL THE LEGO SETS. At least you know what to get Abigail for her birthday 😉

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