Stitch Fix Swing And Miss #14

I scheduled my latest fix to come at the beginning of August knowing that we have our Destin beach vacation coming at the end of the month. When we unexpectedly ended up coming to Phoenix, I changed my shipping address and updated my note to my stylist to say that I just wanted something that made me feel pretty and special.

I was so excited when I got my notification that my fix had shipped and instantly went to my Stitch Fix app to peek at what was coming in my box. As soon as I looked my heart sank because I knew 1000% that my stylist, Nicole, hadn’t styled it. She has been killing my last few boxes and this one…..was clearly not from her.

I messaged her on Instagram just to double check and sure enough, she had been on vacation when my box came through! Wah!! She suggested that I give it a chance first, but if it was really terrible to contact customer service.

So, here is my latest fix!



IMG_9900 IMG_9909 IMG_9911

Okay, so first of all, since my stylist mentioned that she sent me some styles to keep me “cool, confident, and comfortable” through the summer I have to say I was a little confused to see jeans, a navy dolman, and a long sleeved shirt in this fix.

Honestly, I actually did like the fit of the jeans(though not the price. Oof!) but I won’t be wearing jeans until like….October. So they definitely didn’t need to be in this box.

As far as the tank, I kept a 41hawthorn top back in Stitch Fix box #10 that looked almost exactly like this. Like….totally the same. I don’t need two of the same looking top in my closet, so back it goes.

IMG_9899 IMG_9914

I love, love, love dolman tops. I really do. So this *could* have been a win. Except, I already have a blue dolman AND horizontal stripes? Well, that ain’t doing me any favors now is it? Back it goes!

IMG_9898 IMG_9934

You guys. This shirt. The Seinfeld puffy shirt is all I could see.

IMG_9918 IMG_9919

I tried it on and it got even worse. Just nopppppppe.

Like, if I could think of the most polar opposite of anything Courtney would ever wear in the history of ever….it would likely be this shirt.


Renee C Elinor Aline Skirt


The one redeeming piece in this entire fix! I LOVED the floral. The fit of the skirt was perfect and I love how it looks in these pictures. But honestly, I wasn’t thrilled with the fabric(it was this super stretchy material) and I really couldn’t think of anything in my closet back home that I could wear with it. So, I pondered it for a minute but really couldn’t find a way to make it work.

So for the first time EVER(and I’ve had 2 0/5 fixes in the past) I emailed customer service. I let them know how much I had been looking forward to receiving a box from MY stylist and how disappointed I was that 1) I had a substitute stylist and 2) how I didn’t want to keep anything from my box. Stitch Fix customer service replied within MINUTES and let me know that they scheduled a new box for me with Nicole and that they would waive my next $20 styling fee.

So, as I’ve said before, Stitch Fix is an amazing service that I just love. Be on the lookout for another Stitch Fix review in a few weeks with my new box! And if you want to try Stitch Fix for yourself, use my referral link HERE!

What do you think of my items? Would you have kept any?


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  1. That’s so disappointing! I am also confused by how some of these items are supposed to keep you cool. HA ha ! Hopefully the new box is a big hit.

  2. Well that’s a bummer! Now the pressure is on for Nicole to deliver the goods. Glad they are going to waive your styling fee. The Dolman top (is Dolman the brand name? The type of shirt? The pattern???) is probably the cutest thing, but if you already have something similar then not so much useful. Ah! One shirt from SF is my entire month’s blow money. Hope you get something you love next time 🙂

  3. Ugh, what a bummer. Those jeans look fantastic on you, but I would’ve sent them back too. Fingers crossed that the next one is a winner!

  4. Bummer that your stylist was on vacation and that this box was a miss for you! So glad they are sending you a new box!!

  5. Bummer! I wish I had a consistent stylist that I love as much as you love yours… I think I had a new person every time.

  6. But how in the heck is it possible for you to look entirely gorgeous in Evvverrryythang! Even if you hate it. Lol. You look stunning.
    Hope the next box is better. 🙂

  7. I hate when stitch fix sends ridiculous clothes for the season. Jeans in Phoenix?! No thank you! I really liked that dolman, but again, not for the heat! And with the blouse and the skirt, you look like the quintessential Stepford Wife!

  8. You’re so cute! I love, love, love that skirt on you! But, yea, I wouldn’t keep it if I didn’t know for sure that I’d wear it. And how nice of them to send you a new box!

  9. I love SF customer service! They really do a great job. Do you request the same stylist in your note each fix? I’ve had the same twice and I really enjoy her boxes, just wondering how to keep her around =)

  10. I had a stylist that I requested to keep when she was nailing it and then all of a sudden *poof* she was gone without a word and my boxes haven’t been as good since. When you get someone who gets your style it’s nice when they stick with you. My last two boxes both had super cute shoes that I loved but both had dirt stains on the fabric. I mentioned that to them in my responses and never heard a word. It stinks because you have no shot at keeping the item when it’s ruined.

  11. Girl, I totally feel ya. I asked for summer things in my last box and it was a total miss and in fact, things that would be considered winter. Say what? So for the first time ever, I emailed customer service also and I got a re-do for free. I actually haven’t blogged it yet and it came like…over a month ago. Oops. BUT it was a winner!!! I hope your next box is better!

  12. How disappointing for you 🙁 Hopefully your next box is a lot better! And that white shirt – Seinfeld – made me laugh. Goodness. But you look cute and that little tiny nugget on the floor keeping you company is adorable. So at least you have that going for you 😉 Praying for you a lot today, lady!

  13. So annoying, right?! So glad your regulag stylist will be able to whip something up for you!
    On a totally different note, I think I first found your blog while you were on vacay in AZ. I remember you taking selfies in that bathroom mirror. Ha!

  14. oh that skirt is so pretty! but i would have nowhere to wear it or anything to wear it with so i totally get you. that puffy shirt is ugly. hahahaha. those jeans look AMAZING on you but yeah $100 lol NO. glad customer service came through for you!

  15. OH NO!! I’m so sorry this fix was such a bust! That floral print was cute, but pairing it with something does look like it would be challenging.
    Amen to SF’s awesome customer service. Your next Fix is sure to be stellar.
    And, for the record, you’re gorgeous and amazing. xo

  16. I’m glad they are sending you a new box. And, can I say that when I saw you in that skirt I was like, “daaaang!” Though you didn’t keep it, it really did accentuate your waist and really was a good cut.

  17. What a bummer! There’s nothing worse than being super excited about a fix, only to get a dud. Can’t wait to see what you get in your replacement box!! P.S. I do love that skirt and it looks fab on you!

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