Mother’s Day 2015

This post is a little delayed, but Mother’s Day is such a blessing and gift and privilege to me that I wanted to be sure that I documented the pictures from that day and reflect a little on the previous years I have been blessed enough to get to celebrate.

Firstly, I always count my first Mother’s Day as when I was pregnant with Miss Abigail. I mean, I was laying down my life sacrificially for that little lemon or lime or whatever she was at that point in time hour by hour. I was absolutely already being thrust into mama hood and it was 100% worthy of celebrating! It was also the year that my parents bought me our lilac bush and ever since then we have had a tradition of taking a Mother’s Day picture in front of it. (Except for the one year we were out of town on Mother’s Day- the woods of Virginia had to suffice)

It seems that every year has had something special or significant about it, and of course, this year is no different. I am hugely pregnant with a little sister that we have waited an incredibly long time for! Getting to celebrate my mamahood to big sister, our embryo babies, AND little sister, this year was such a super surreal experience.

We aren’t super big into gift giving- for pretty much any holiday- and we keep things fairly low key most of the time. After Abigail gave me a card that she had picked out and signed(along with Daddy and “Mabel”) and a quick pit stop at Starbucks, we spent our day going to church in the morning, having leftovers for lunch, took some mega naps in the afternoon, and then we went into town for dinner and a trip to Lowe’s to make some returns and pick up the giant pink fan 😉

It was just my sort of day(the mint oreo shake I had with my dinner that night totally sealed the deal on that) and I’m just so incredibly thankful that the dream and hope that I’ve always had- to be a Mommy- is exploding in a big way during this season of life. Super, super thankful.

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  1. I love the tradition of taking photos by your lilac bush! How neat to be able to see it grow… along with your family. 🙂 What a special Mother's Day!

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