Saturdays Are For Chili Dogs

*Today’s post is brought to you by the biggest A + Life supporter there is- my super funny and wonderful husband, Jim. I could have written a post about chili for you, but trust, it’s way better to hear it from him! Enjoy!*

this might seem like the strangest combo ever: Mom Blog + Hormel Chili.  And maybe to a certain extent it is, in that Courtney
doesn’t really have much to say about it.
But when you consider my connection to A + Life via marriage and then factor
in the sheer number of chili dogs that I’ve consumed in my life, it kinda starts
to make sense.

In fact, this was almost one of those “how does the internet know this about me???!?” moments when Courtney mentioned the Hormel sponsored post.  Not only has the chili dog been an important part of my weekend ritual since I was about twelve, but during that entire time I’ve pretty much exclusively made said dogs with Hormel Chili with Beans.  No kidding.  It was one of the first chili’s that I tried, and I’ve not found anything better.

Growing up, my dad always (always always) ate two hot dogs for lunch on Saturday.  I can remember him complaining of headaches on days when he missed his hot dogs.  Grown up me figures he was probably joking, but young me though dad just really needed hot dogs.  Well, one fateful autumn day, we had some leftover chili sitting in the fridge.  My dad was serving us up some tube steaks and offered to put some chili on mine.  I like hot dogs, but that day I discovered that I love chili dogs.  Come to find out, they make chili in a can!  I didn’t have to rely on my mom to have recently made chili, I could stock pile some cans and have chili dogs on demand.

So as I mentioned, twelve or thirteen year old Jim began a weekly tradition, that every Saturday afternoon he would create the simple recipe that I’ll share below and relax on the couch while watching either college football, college basketball, or Fox Saturday Baseball.  I truly probably managed to accomplish this about forty-five weeks out of the year from age 13-18.  It’s slowed a little since leaving for college and then getting married, but it’s still a regular staple.  So, here’s what you need:

1. Hormel Chili with beans.  Heat your chili in a bowl with a lid and put to the side.  I’m a stickler on what is or isn’t appropriate chili dog chili.  If it’s too watery it soaks the buns, if it’s too much like a paste…well that’s just gross and weird.  I’ve tested others, and trust me when I say Hormel strikes the perfect balance of what you want in a chili dog chili.  They don’t even have to pay me to say that.  I’m a Hormel Chili Evangelist.

2. Two hot dogs with buns.  Cook your dogs with whatever method you prefer, but the key here is that you need two for balance.  Place the buns so that they lean into each other and create a square foundation of what will be cheese and chili goodness.

3. Grated Cheese.  Spread your chili across the hot dogs and then sprinkle cheese on top.  I strongly urge you to manually grate from a block of Colby Jack, though mild cheddar is also appropriate.  Don’t use some fake cheese or anything that’s finely shredded as it doesn’t melt as satisfactorily.

4. Onion (optional).  Finely chopped onion can be a great way to really put your chili dogs over the top.  However, I suggest that you do as I do and only take this option when Courtney is out of town or you just don’t plan on getting smooches at any point that day…

5. Zap and Feast.  Pop your masterpiece into the microwave for about 30 seconds, or just enough to melt the cheese without causing it to lose shape or obliterate your buns.  Firmly ensconce yourself in front of your sporting event of choice (I recommend an Alex Gordon highlight reel) and enjoy!

Trust me, as best as I can estimate, I’ve eaten somewhere between 850-1,000 of these bad boys. I know of what I speak. The chili dog itself is a delicious invention and Hormel Chili makes it easily attainable at your whim. Buy some and put it in your pantry. When Saturday rolls around, you’ll be glad you did.

Hormel Chili is celebrating chili lovers all over the United States and embracing state pride by showcasing each state’s favorite dish or ingredient paired with Hormel Chili. What’s your state’s favorite way to eat chili? Find out here! Save money on your favorite Hormel products with these great coupons, and don’t forget to follow Hormel Chili on Facebook for the latest news and promotions! 

What is your favorite way to eat chili? 


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  1. I love this post by Jim! It's so funny what you remember about your childhood. I have similar memories of me and my dad, but not of my dad eating hot dogs… me eating hot dogs. I was OBSESSED! The only thing missing was chili! I needed this post about 25 years ago 🙂

  2. I also used to eat hot dogs often when I was little, it's such a simple meal, I've never tried Hormel Chili though.. (I have to make my own chili here)

  3. I'm with Jim! Chili dogs with Hormel chili is the best! It's the only time I eat chili that way (and not homemade). It's how my mom always did chili dogs and so I must follow suit! Now excuse me while I run to Target for some canned chili! 🙂

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