Another week, another Friday.
Good morning, Sunshine.
Check out that bedhead silhouette.
Time for magnadoodle studies
Abigail got a mini pedicure from Mama this week! I have never seen a child sit so still. She didn’t want to mess up her toe nails and did not move for about 30 minutes. Not even a millimeter.
She got upset during bath that night, thinking the water would wash off her pretty purple toes that she’d picked out!
Finished product! Getting to put that cosmetology degree of mine to good use 😉
Helping me water all of the plants in our yard!
She is completely obsessed with that watering can.
I officially have someone to water the plants for me the rest of the summer.
First scraped knees : (
Leaving Price Cutter(the one with Starbuck’s inside), she slipped in the parking lot. This has happened before but it was the first time it happened while wearing shorts.
She was a tough little thing and didn’t shed a single tear.
Ah! Woman driver on the loose in my driveway!

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  1. I love the purple toes! I'm looking forward to painting my daughter's toes when she gets older:) Happy Friday!

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