Mabel is FOUR!

Back in May, our Mabel E turned the big F-O-U-R! (If you want to read her fast & furious birth story, you can click HERE!) It’s hard to believe that she has already been here with us for four years and we are SO thankful!

She kicked off her special day with bright pink flowers from Daddy, a pink sprinkle donut, and a few presents. (any ideas what Mabel’s current favorite color is??)

We have been in the midst of taking ISR swim lessons for the kiddos (a blog post coming about that soon!), so she had swim lessons on her birthday!

After lessons, she got to pick where we went for a special birthday lunch.

Selection: McOldonalds. (Mabel pronunciation)

Before her birthday on the 16th though, we have to back up to a few days earlier when we had her big 4th birthday bash at……Chuck E. Cheese.

Which, to be honest, I get why people hate it….butttttt I kinda love it, lol. Each time we’ve had a party there we have chosen the 10 a.m. slot which happens to be amazing because that is as early as they open and no one is ever there but us. The kids get to play for an hour, then have pizza and cake after 11, open some gifts, and then finish the party with the rest of their games and pick their prizes. Winning.

Anyway! Before we left, I had to snap a few pictures of the birthday girl with her hand picked Frosted Cakerie cake and her birthday flowers!

Frosted Joplin has made my kiddos cakes all the way back to Abigail’s 5th birthday! We love supporting an amazing local business and it doesn’t hurt that they’re long time friends too!

So, back to Chuck E. Cheese. Lots of games were played, tickets were earned, prizes won, and all sorts of fun shenanigans happened.

My personal highlight was when they put the birthday kid (and one friend of their choice) in this wind tunnel and however many tickets they can catch, they get to keep.

Mabel had the brilliant idea to hold her dress out to catch tickets and caught HUNDREDS of them hahaha

She came home with fairy wings a sucker and a handful of tickets and points to save and use for a future visit!

Family came to celebrate as well! Both sets of my grandparents and both of our parents were here to party with our birthday girl too. So special!

We are so thankful for our silly, smart, pink loving little (big?!) 4 year old girl! Happy birthday, Mabel!

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