It’s Pumpkin Time

Even though I’ll probably be whining and moaning about Missouri weather in a few months, thanks to the cold, cold, cold, I certainly am not complaining now! Fall in MO has been glorious this year. I’m talking, windows open every day, lovely weather for enjoying outside, and lots of chances to do all of the fun things fall has for us.
We already attended a fall festival a few weeks ago. Next up was pumpkin carving with friends and a trip to the pumpkin patch with our MOPS group!
We were invited to some friends from work and church’s home to carve up some pumpkins after a perfect fall dinner of chili, cornbread, and pumpkin soup! This was Abigail’s first experience with pumpkin carving so it was entirely entertaining(mildly frightening?) watching her wield a knife with her Daddy and watch him clean out the pumpkin.

Her face in the next two pictures are PRICELESS. She was quite surprised at what the inside of a pumpkin actually looks like [crying laughing emoji]

We’re so lucky to have this absolutely adorable pumpkin patch just down the road from our house. They have mums and pumpkins and lots of other lovely fall things. We got to have a little pumpkin lesson, a hayride, and Abigail got to pick a pumpkin from out in the fields to take home!

She really wanted a white pumpkin. Really wanted one. Until she realized she had to pull it off the vine. She was all, “I don’t want to pick one off the vine” in total disgust. LOL. I was like, well, baby, that’s where pumpkins come from? But, she wasn’t appeased and picked up a greenish orange one that was just laying on the ground.

Whatever floats your boat, sister.

Fall has been so good to us this year and we are SO looking forward to Halloween and Abigail’s birthday party! Both are right around the corner!

Have you been to the pumpkin patch yet this year? 


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  1. Beautiful pics! When we went to get a pumpkin my daughter kept trying to chuck the one she wanted. It made it home safely, but only because of really good reflexes from her daddy!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is so adorable! It's funny how their little minds think something works one way and then when you correct them they are like "umm no". Haha!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE her standing in that field of pumpkins!

  3. She always reminds me so much of Hannah! She was the ONLY kid in her class that wouldn't touch the pumpkins guts on pumpkin day! She took one look inside and said "no thank you" haha.

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