Snow Ice Cream

Well, winter is still at it. Even though I am O-V-E-R all of the cold and snow, this little one is still enjoying it to the fullest. Aaaannnd as much as I dislike going outside in this weather, she actually has a way of making me- dare I say? enjoy myself in it.
In unrelated news, I started my photography class this week. The above picture is one that I submitted for{part}of my homework. I’m learning about things like shutter speed, f stops, ISO, and other things that sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown.
I digress,
after playing in the snow for a bit, I decided to earn myself the title of coolest mama ever by bringing fresh snow inside to make some snow ice cream.
Not only that, but I let her eat it BEFORE her lunch.
See? totally cool.
Β The recipe I used:
1 cup of milk
1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
and a
pinch of salt
I had seen a few people add sprinkles into their snow ice cream on Pinterest, so I let Abigail choose some to add to ours.
She chose some Halloween sprinkles, lol. Black and orange, folks!
Which then promptly melted into the snow ice cream and turned it black.
Womp womp.

Anyway, the consistency was great, it actually tasted really good, and the best part was we got to do something really special and fun together.

Not a bad way to celebrate a snow day.


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    1. I kind of hate you for having to wait to make this until you TRAVEL somewhere that has snow. Yep, totally jealous.

      And, I know, right? Halloween sprinkles. Out of all of her choices, she goes for the orange and black sprinkles lol.

  1. I have been wanting to make the snow ice cream, but I am going to make sure the snow is super clean! Maybe I'll put a bowl out or something when we get our next blizzard (Monday!). Too funny that the black sprinkles melted into it, lol! I bet it was still good!

    1. You bet!

      I had heard about it before, but I didn't realize it was actually a real thing. Ha! I was envisioning people eating plain snow like a sno cone or something. But no, it changes up the consistency a bit and is actually pretty tasty! Definitely give it a try!

    1. Thanks, Chrissy!

      My husband signed me up for it as my Christmas present. I definitely needed to learn how to "properly" use my camera, but it is really overwhelming! A lot of new lingo and things to learn, but I'm really glad I'm finally doing it. Once it's over(at the end of the month) I'm sure I'll do a post about my experience!

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