Stitch Fix Review #9

It’s that time again! Stitch Fix Review #9! (Also, the time where I squeal with complete delight and Jim groans as he gets the $20 shipment invoice sent to his inbox :p )

Then, to really rub it in, I hire him out to take all of my pictures.

Stitch Fix! My last two boxes have shipped super fast and ended up on my doorstep a full day or two before I’ve been expecting them. Which is AWESOME. Anyway, here is what I got in my shipment this time!

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Market & Spruce Kristah Ruffle Knit Blazer
Stitch Fix Review #9 by Missouri style blogger A + Life
Stitch Fix Review #9 by Missouri style blogger A + Life
To be perfectly honest, I have no idea how or why this ended up in my box. I’m a stay at home mama to two little girls annnnd I’m not in the least bit, how shall I say, “fancy”.
When I tried it on all I felt like was asking for a businesswoman lunch special, Romy and Michelle style.
41Hawthorn Presley Color Block Button-Back Sweater
Stitch Fix Review #9 by Missouri style blogger A + Life
Stitch Fix Review #9 by Missouri style blogger A + Life

I had this sweater pinned on my Pinterest board, so I was really excited when I saw that I was getting it! Unfortunately, I had it pinned in a few other colors- black and gray not being one of them. I probably would have kept this if it had been in a different color, but as it was, the black and gray was just too blah for me. Also, I felt like it was a bit too big. A size down in this sweater probably would have worked better.

THML Mayes Crew Neck Top

Stitch Fix Review #9 by Missouri style blogger A + Life
Stitch Fix Review #9 by Missouri style blogger A + Life

I actually like this top a lot more in pictures than I did in person. The zipper detail, the details, the longer in the back, all make for a super cute top. Unfortunately, in person, I didn’t find it particularly flattering, once again, I already have a lot of navy so the color didn’t really speak to me, and to top it all off- hand wash only. Yeah. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

41Hawthorn Lana Lace Detail Blouse

Stitch Fix Review #9 by Missouri style blogger A + Life

My face says it all.


Liverpool Anita Skinny Pantย 

Stitch Fix Review #9 by Missouri style blogger A + Life

Guys. Look at how good of a model I am. I make looking down at your feet look effortless and natural. I should probably look into getting an agent.

Stitch Fix Review #9 by Missouri style blogger A + Life

I was the most most excited about these! I had requested a pair of colored pants in last months Fix and as I’m sure you can remember, they came! And they were capris! NOOO!

So, I tried again. I requested FULL LENGTH colored pants. When I saw that these beauties were on their way to me I could not wait! I knew that if they fit, they would be mineeeee. It’s kind of crazy, but they’re actually way more like a legging than like jeans. Which I was not expecting at all. But, the color is gorgeous. And even though they’re a smidge long, like, I’ll have to cuff them to wear them with my booties, for flats or regular boots I think they should work okay. I’m keeping these! (Also, I paired them with last month’s keeper on a sweater. Love it!)

What do you think of this Stitch Fix Review? What would you have kept?

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  1. I definitely love those colored pants and black and white sweater! I fell in love when I saw it.. but you're right, it can be a little "blah" if colors are more your style

  2. That tank was TERRIBLE, so weird the random things. I really like the black and gray sweater (because I am boring like that) but think a plum and gray or mustard and gray would have been more fun. I think you made the right choice for sure!

  3. The cranberry pants are PERFECTION! As in, I am thinking about signing up for StitchFix in hopes of getting them, lol! I really like that grey and black sweater too, but if those colors aren't your thing, it's not worth keeping. I think you definitely chose the best item in the box:)

  4. Love those pants!!! I always get a piece or two that I'm SO EXCITED to get, but when I try it on…bleh. It's always fun to be a model for a few minutes, though, and you TOTALLY have the fashion blogger look-at-your-feet look down. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I agree that that blazer is weird! Mine next fix is coming in a couple weeks and I hope it's as good as my last one!!

    I notice you're wearing those mint pants too! Nice!!

    I got the jeans in my last fix and wear. them. all. the. time!!! I also really like that color block button back too but totes understand about the color combo. My question is though – how do you put it on? I can barely get my hair into a ponytail good luck buttoning a sweater on backwards!!!

  6. LOVE the pants!!! Definitely a keeper! I like some of the other styles, but like you said, a different color or smaller size probably would have been better.
    My second fix is scheduled to arrive tomorrow but the shipping says TODAY and I am SO excited! I hear you can peek before you get it to see what you're getting and I thought about it, but I decided I like the surprise more so I'm waiting! Eeek!

  7. I think you totally made the right choice. I do like the blouse with the detailing too, but I can see why you sent it back. Those pants are the PERFECT color for fall!

  8. The skinnies are absolutely perfect on you! I had ox blood cords for the last two fall / winters and they were my favorite pair of pants EVER. You will get so much wear out of them! And I know you didn't love the Lace Detail Blouse but I think it looks fantastic on you! Not great for everyday wear, but SO pretty for a date or special occasion!

  9. Those pants are to die for!!! Beautiful! I asked for a pair of colored jeans and I totally peeked in my box (suppose to be here Friday) and I'm getting a pair of jeans, fingers crossed for color!

  10. Love the colored jeans! They look great with the sweater from last month. I agree with you on the other tops. I would make the same face if I got them!

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