Stitch Fix Review

Very First Stitch Fix

I am SO excited to share with y’all my very first Stitch Fix box and review today. I had been warned a bit to not get my hopes *too* high for my first box, along with the promise of them improving with time.
My goal for my first box was to be happy with one of the five items and that was definitely achieved! But, before I show you my items along with what I kept and what I sent back- here is a brief rundown on what Stitch Fix is and how it works:

  • Log in to and create a style profile.
  • Choose your price range.
  • Pay a $20 styling fee that will go toward anything you order.
  • Then, based off your profile + your pinterest style board, a stylist will send you 5 items for you to try on.
  • The box arrives on your doorstep{mine came during naptime- hallelujah!}, try everything on. Force your husband to take pictures of all of your new clothes{or not}.
  • Checkout online and give very thorough feedback of what you did and didn’t like.
  • If you keep all 5 items you get 25% off!

Okay, so now you know what it’s all about! Come and see what I got!

PS. Pardon the messy pony tail hair. I did my make up for y’all. Take what you can get! 

#1 Dita Colorblock Sleeveless Ponte Dress

Colorblock Stitch Fix Dress
Stitch Fix Dress
Ponte Dress From Stitch Fix

I took this dress out of the box and thought “meh”.

Then I put it on and angels sang.

It was like, whoa! Where did that tiny waist come from?! And how are you perfectly masking the burrito I ate for lunch?!

Combined with a heavier material to add some weight and shape to this dress, it’s a major winner for a rehearsal dinner I’ve got coming up on Thursday evening.


#2 Dovette Draped Detail Dress

Review of Blue Dovette Stitch Fix Dress
Stitch Fix Blue Dress Review

Hi, my name is Courtney Spena and these are my hips.

I loved the color of this dress when I pulled it out of the box. Plus, the fabric was light and airy so I figured it could be a great dress for a rehearsal dinner in August. But…..then I put it on and uh, nope.

Jim said YES! I stand by my big fat oh heck nope.

Adios blue dress! 

#3 & #4  Tiffany Tie Front Dot Print Racerback Tank + Adorra Skinny Jean

Polka Dot Stitch Fix tank
Stitch Fix Skinny Jean Review

When I put on this shirt I felt like I was Phoebe in that episode of Friends when she says to Chandler, “So. This is my bra.”

In my notes to my stylist I mentioned that I would like something to wear to my brother’s rehearsal dinner and then pieces to wear chasing around my 3 year old. 
This shirt? Not even a little.
It’s super blousey so any sort of bending over is out of the question and the racerback style?
Don’t even own a bra that works with it and no way am I wearing strapless to wear a tank top. I appreciate the room for my love of chips and dip and the polka dots are great, but yeah, that’s it.

Sayonara polka dot tank!

But! Let’s talk about the skinny jeans.
When I saw that I was getting a pair skinny jeans, I’ll admit I was a little{a lot} disappointed + skeptical.
I already have a couple pairs of skinny’s AND I’m hard to fit into pants.
I have long legs, plus junk in the trunk, plus a propensity for muffin top.
I seem to fit right between long’s and regular’s and the length is usually just not right.
Additionally, entering in one blanket size into a style profile just seemed impossible that I would end up with pants that fit.

Color me shocked and surprised.

These babies fit like a glove. AND they are a light wash, which I don’t have a single pair of jeans in. The length was spot on and there was zero muffin top to be seen. 

Verdict? KEEP! 

#5 Colibri Floral Print Sleeveless Top

There aren’t enough words in the English language to tell y’all how much I hate this shirt. Hated it in the picture. Hated it in the box. Hated it even more on. Blech. Not even remotely my style.

Bye bye button down floral shirt! 

So, thoughts on my first Stitch Fix?

Having a box of unique clothes that were hand selected for me and my size, showing up on my doorstep to be tried on in the comfort of my own home with my own shoes and accessories, was amazing.
The included card with the styling ideas is genius.
The quality of the clothes is far and away better than anything I would normally buy.
The prices are more than what I would traditionally spend{I’m a Target and Old Navy kind of gal}, but for great pieces I am willing to do the occasional splurge.
A great fitting pair of jeans and a gorgeous dress I can get a lot of wears out of?
I’m definitely willing to go for it. 

In my next box I’ll probably focus primarily on tops and hope that I only really like one thing so I don’t go broke{ha!}.

Thinking about joining Stitch Fix? Use my referral link and sign up for your own box!

What do you think? Did I make the right choices? What would you have kept?


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  1. I have been wanting to try this for so long, maybe I'll take the leap now. I LOVE the dress you kept! Hello tiny waist! You were speaking my language with the dress you didn't pick. When I try on something like that, all I see are hips, but my husband always loves them. Men!

  2. I love love love what you kept! Totally agree on the nos though…what is it with all the racerback tops? I put a note in my profile that I need to be able to wear a regular bra with everything – maybe if you add that, it'll help!

  3. I love that first dress and agree with you that the polka dot racerback just wouldn't have been practical for chasing after your daughter, haha! LOVE the skinny jeans, as well–super flattering!

  4. Oh my word that first dress was so made JUST FOR YOU! I love it! How can something be so perfect?! Now you just need to try Jamberry StyleBox so your nails can look as incredible as the rest of your gorgeous self (not that I'm dissin' plain nails, or painted nails, or anything else, but new pretties are always fun, right?!)! Ha ha ha. 😀

  5. That first dress is adorable!! My first thought when I saw you in that dress was you could totally wear that to your brother's rehearsal dinner. 🙂

  6. Love the first dress to! I do love the idea of having someone do my shopping for me. But, I think having clothes delivered to my door step might be a bit dangerous for the budget. I will live vicariously through you on this one :). So, so fun.

  7. My grandma might like the floral top… love the pic =) Those jeans look great on you and I love the first dress too. You are right…the blue, I'd go a big no on that one too. Too bad about the polka dot top, that one is super cute in the picture. Although bending over with a kid is kind of essential. I love stitch fix, and yet I have never tried, so fun.

  8. oh my gosh that first dress is perfection!!! i want it. so freaking fabulous
    yeah that floral top is not cute! thank goodness you can send them back

  9. I love that first dress! You look so good! Ahh! I love razorback tanks! They are my favorite. But I'm not a huge fan of having them tie in the front. I always get bras that cross straps in the back that way I can wear a regular bra and my straps don't show.

  10. just as food for thought in case youre sent a racerback shirt u like – racerback shirts can be worn w a bra clip. u can get one for $8 at soma and it takes ur reg bra straps and clips them in the back. just a small adjustment to make the straps a little longer and ur reg bra is converted. works great!

  11. yes that first dress is just perfect.
    So cute!
    I Love this idea – I had heard about this before but hadn't a clue of what it was. I am seeing if I can manage it 😉

  12. You are way too adorable! Everything looks great on you! That first dress is perfect. The blue dress is nice. Very sophisticated but I know I wouldn't have kept it either.

  13. I'm way late seeing this post, but I love the skinny jeans! And that first dress is adorable on you!! Even though some of the items were a bust, if you ended up with a couple of keepers, that's a winning box if you ask me!! 🙂

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