17 Months Of Mabel!

After I took a briefish hiatus from posting monthly updates about Miss Mabel, I randomly wrote one for 16 months. And I’m pretty sure every close relative that reads this blog either emailed or texted me to let me know how happy they were to get to see and read about everything that Miss Mabel is doing and how much she is growing.

Enough so, that I’ve been convinced to bring them back to the monthly blog rotation! So here is what Miss Mabel has been up to for month 17- I CAN NOT believe that next month she will be a year and a half old! Crazy! I thought her first year went fast, but man, it has nothing on her second!


Size- I have moved her to all 2t clothes for this fall and winter! They’re a little long on her now but I’m hoping we’ll get an entire season of wear out of them! She is still wearing size 5 shoes(oh how I am dying to get her her very first pair of Hunters like big sis!) and has just enough hair to clip a bow into(which she hates).

Weight- when we took her to the pediatrician last week she was right below 22lbs- I was a little distracted, so I can’t remember the exact number. But she was somewhere in there.

Teeth- Believe it or not, she grew TWO more teeth this month! Bringing us up the grand total of 16!

Eating- Mabel still does really well eating. She doesn’t have any allergies or anything that she can’t handle. Some things I just hand to her whole, some things I still tear up into bites. It just depends on the food.

She has a really bad case of the munchies and a SUPER bad case of I only want to eat bread at dinneritis which we have worked hard to try and restrain…correct…whatever the right word is. We make her eat bites of her dinner first before she can have a bite of bread and so on and so forth. She usually screams and fights it for a while(sigh. dinner time is FUN at our house right now.) but then she eventually understands what we’re doing and goes along with it.

Breastfeeding- Still nursing! I keep thinking that our days are coming to a close with it, but Mabel love love loves nursing. I’m in total uncharted territory with this little girl, because with Abigail, I was very strict and structured that nursing was only for food, so, as she got older and ate other foods, she didn’t need nursing anymore. We weaned around 13 months and it was totally painless and natural and worked just fine.

With Mabel, I have done much more of a on demand and laid back schedule and she uses nursing for comfort…a lot. Something that Abigail NEVER did. I never thought I would have a kid that grabs at my shirt begging for milk…but alas, I have a kid grabbing at my shirt signing frantically for milk. Most of the time, she doesn’t even eat, it’s just a quick connection that she needs with me and so, for now, I’m still going along with it.

When will we stop? No clue. It has been a totally different experience so far than with Abigail, so I’m sure our weaning will look totally different as well.

As far as how often she actually eats with nursing of a day? Probably 3-4 times.

Favorite Foods- Aside from her beloved mama milk, top of the charts would be BREAD, goldfish, tacos, pizza, eggs, stir fry, sausage, bell pepper strips, steamed broccoli, apple slices, mandarin oranges, spaghetti, peanut butter sandwiches.


Sleep- Hallelujah nothing different to report here! She goes to sleep around 730 and wakes up sometime in the 7 o’clock hour. She takes one nap, immediately after lunch, and that usually lasts about 2 hours. She still sleeps with every single one of her pacifiers- one in her mouth, one in each hand, and rotating them regularly.

Words- Some new words this month! Off the top of my head, she is saying: Bath, Uh oh, Here, Up, Please(kind of sounds like “pish” I die!), hi, bye, mama, hot, out(while pointing emphatically outside), wee!, yuck, trash.

Signs- Still regularly signing more, please and all done. She waves hello and goodbye. She’ll sign thank you(when I remind her to ;))She does the CUTEST thing when the tv turns off, or someone leaves the room, where she puts both her hands up to her shoulders to ask, “Where’d it go?” She waves her arm and goes “shoo!” whenever she farts or before she is going to poop in her diaper(seriously, every time). She emphatically shakes her head yes and no and communicates shockingly effectively.

Sickness- This month Mabel had her first injury that required stitches, dealt with Hand, Foot, and Mouth, and has experienced many, many bumps, trips, and falls thanks to a no fear personality and running everywhere way faster than she should.


Loves- her pacifiers, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, bath time, her big sister, the cozy coupe, playing outside, doing anything big sister is doing, nursing, reading books in her chair, being picked up from nursery :p She learned how to throw away trash in the trashcan this month and boy does she LOVE getting to do that!

Dislikes- being dropped off anywhere, being told “no”, getting her diaper changed of a morning, not being allowed to play with markers(lol)

We have seen so much more personality from Miss Mabel this month and it is just an absolute joy to watch her continue to grow. She is still our baby but boy is she growing fast! With her communication skills and watching her toddle around the house it has been so great to watch and learn who this little person is- and we can’t help but think she’s the cutest!


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  1. Oh sweet Mabel! I love that she is still nursing. I wish I could have done it longer with Mason, but the supply just wasn’t there. Womp. Womp. Anyhow, I’ve heard so many great things about extended bf’ing. And what a great sleeper! That’s awesome!

  2. oh i love this update soooo much!!! and 16 teeth??!?!?! ahhh i’m dying, rocco has 6. haha!!! and the nursing, oh oh yesss, i nursed m for soooo long and thought it would be the opposite this time around, but i think not. my kids are booby comfort addicts. but they have been so healthy and if that plays a part at all i think it’s awesome, for sure! also, mabel is so precious and i feel like i can hardly remember girls at that age now! so so so sweet. i want to squeeze her.

  3. Such a fun update. She and Calvin would be a hoot together. He’s the opposite about food. If it isn’t fruit, he typically doesn’t eat it!

  4. Well, she just keeps getting cuter! I laughed at the paci thing, Oliver does the same thing. I’ll lay him down and he’ll have a paci in his mouth and then reach for the spares in his crib to have one to cuddle in each hand. Cracks me up. I’m not looking forward to the day I’ll have to break him of his love of pacis. Oh and food. This is the age that I’m all, just eat something! You want more Cheerios? okay. More apple? Great! It seems to change from day to day what Oliver will and won’t eat, with the exception of oatmeal for breakfast every single day. I never know how to feed these little ones. sheesh. But he’s alive and thriving, so I guess all th pretzels aren’t hurting him?

  5. Awww, so sweet. We had the same pacifier loving kid. I mean she would hide them in her shirt so when we got her up in the morning she would suddenly have a pacifier (we only let her have them in bed/the car) in her mouth and we’re like where did that come from. Yep hiding 2-3 down her shirt so she could use them later, LOL. It was rough giving them up…but then she started sucker her thumb as a replacement…ah well!

  6. Mabel and Julia need to meet. For real. They sound like they would be the best of buds.
    Apparently Julia had four teeth pop through within the last month. Who knew? And the b’feeding – YAY!!!! We’re still trucking along and I honestly have no idea when we’ll stop. I had no idea I’d end up loving it this much, and it will be a sad day when it’s over.
    Happy 17 months to Mabel!!

  7. Cracking up that she waves and says “shoo” when she toots! She is the cutest! Can’t believe how big our babies are already!

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