Take your daughter to work day!

Or, more accurately, take your wife and daughter to the office with you on a Saturday morning because they have nothing better to do and your wife wants a Starbuck’s latte on the way in.

Jim had some extra things he needed to print and get done so we tagged along and explored the (almost) empty office.

Abigail enjoying one of the chair’s in Daddy’s office.
(Not pictured: Her enjoying the spinning chairs all over the office)
Roaming the halls like a big girl
Look at that ham!! Oh my word. She heard the camera clicking as I was taking the picture above this one. She turned around and struck this pose. I’m tellin ya. This little girl is hilarious.
She found a “duck!” in someones office. It deserved a loving pat.
Apparently, the filing cabinets needed some reorganization. Or, really, the little plastic thingys needed to be slid back and forth approx. 100 times.
Then she discovered these “bowls!”(her word for ball is VERY enunciated) These kept her happy for a while.
Then we repeatedly counted the(8) markers and identified their various colors. In the box. Out of the box. Rinse and repeat about 20 times.
Jim’s co-worker Miss Michelle was in the office this afternoon too. Abigail absolutely LOVED her. She mostly just wanted to play with her the entire time. She was all, “BYE mom!” and wanted Michelle to hold her and hang with her instead. All of that to say, Michelle very kindly let Abigail carry around a basket full of chess pieces and foam balls. (There may have been two chess piece casualties. Oops)
We had a wonderful morning at Daddy’s office! Mama enjoyed her latte and chasing after her little one and Abigail loved the new surroundings and freedom to run around. Hopefully he’ll invite us back sometime:)

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