One of the very best parts of my week is sitting down to put together my InstaFriday post.
Reliving and remembering even the smallest of moments.
Documenting memories that I had forgotten already.
 Things said.
Outfits worn.
Memories made.
Just, life.
I introduced Abigail to Beauty & The Beast for the very first time this week. I folded laundry{please pardon the unmade bed- fun Spena fact- it’s never made} and she proclaimed, “That beast is being pretty grumpy, isn’t he?”
She has never watched anything with a “villain” before and we’ve never dealt with nightmares so I was a little worried about how “mean” Beast would go down with Miss delicate and sensitive A, but it appears(we only made it to shortly after Be Our Guest) that she has handled it just fine.
She currently runs around the driveway singing, “I want sooo much more than they’ve got planned!” and additional things about provincial life.
Oh boy.
Mama’s Uggs and a pair of shorts.
If women in LA can do it, why can’t we?
My only picture from our most recent trip to Silver Dollar City.
Food was eaten. Rides were ridden. Fun was had by all.
So, they’re finally breaking ground on the empty lot behind us(we’ve been in our house for over 5 years).
Now we have free picnic breakfast entertainment.
Thanks to my little brother who kept me informed on what that machine equipment is called so I could teach Abigail properly.
PS Backhoe & Frontloader
Abigail has taken to needing her “sunglasses” to be able to read her books. You can see them there in her hand. Crazy girl.
As my brother said, in his best Clark Griswold voice, “Jooyyyy toooo the woooorrrllllld!!” The heavens opened and this girl experienced her very first Starbuck’s cake pop. Much to my surprise she chose “the brown one” instead of pink and she happily savored every bite.
Oh hey. This is us headed to Kauffman. We tried to get on the jumbo tron via #instaroyals, but no dice.
Fortunately, since I sat next to Logan and his crazy hat I ended up on the jumbo tron twice anyway. My first time ever! I’ve been going to Royals games since I was in 3rd grade and it’s never happened before.
Twice in one night? I’m basically a celebrity now, guys.
Abigail had so much fun with her Grandpa Monty and Grandma Jenny. They spent time in the Kids Zone(she rode the carousel twice. Once on the frog and once on the elephant) and the Hall of Fame(“Mama! I watched a baseball movie!”). She absolutely loved all of it and was such a good girl the whole time- even past her bedtime!
The Royals won! Hooray!
What a beautiful week.
So blessed.
Happy Friday, friends.

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