What A Weekend!

 Y’all we had the best weekend in Kansas City! We hadn’t been up for a visit in what seemed like forever! My future sister-in-law just moved to KC, so we all trekked up there to visit her and my brother. We spent our first evening together at Kauffman stadium.

It was May 16th and we were wearing coats, boots, and blankets. I think when we left it was in the 40’s??{!!!}
It was also buck night and Friday night fireworks. Major score!
Abigail also snagged her and her Grammy some hot cocoa. Nice moves, kiddo.
This little girl LOVES to cheer for the Royals. Sometimes it just spontaneously happens around the dinner table.
It always happens when she watches the highlights with Daddy.
This time it happened during the game and she managed to get herself an entire few rows of our section to start chanting “Let’s Go Royals!” and clapping with her.
She was cheering her little heart out and shouting as loud as her little voice would let her.
I wish I had gotten it on video because it ranks up there with some of the sweetest and most awesome things I’ve ever seen her do, but Jim and I were having way too much fun watching and cheering right along with her to stop and video it!
The Royals were kind enough to lose quickly so we made it through fireworks!
Abigail was a champ and loved everything about our night.
She happily chattered the entire way home to Grandma and Grandpa’s and was ready to play when we got back to their house……at 11pm. Yikesabee.
For some reason, the late night before didn’t tire this girl out in the slightest and she was up bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning.
Jim’s parents were headed out to a Walk For Life fundraiser for their local crisis pregnancy center, so Jim and Abigail decided to join them!
Jim said they walked super slow and were in the back of the pack the whole time, but that Abigail was definitely a trooper!
 That afternoon, while Abigail napped, I got to tag along with my little brother and his fiancé while they scoped out a rehearsal dinner venue. I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t want to steal their thunder, or show off anything before they want to, but it was absolutely gorgeous.
We sampled all of the food they would have that night and did a wine tasting. The food blew my mind and I might be counting down the days until July 31st when I can stuff my face with that pizza again.
 One of the best things about Grandma Jenny’s and Grandpa Monty’s house is that they have so many fun things to play with outside! There are tractors to ride, swings to swing, slides to slide, and Abigail’s favorite, a trampoline to bounce on.
 This little girl LOVES to bounce.
 In related news, my photo quality seems to still be improving. I might someday finally get the hang of this shooting in manual thing!
Random and fun lifetime goal: To get a perfect manual photo of Abigail riding a merry go round. The spinning and the up and down and the flashing lights, ack! It’s seriously impossible. But someday. Someday I’ll get one.
We stayed until Abigail’s bedtime Sunday night and then headed home, hoping she would sleep on the way back. This used to work when she was little. Now she just talks in the backseat until 10:30. Ah, oh well.
We had such an awesome weekend filled with wonderful visits with both parents and some of our siblings! Not only that, but after our cold Friday night, it seems that May is finally getting it’s act together and we can play and play and play outside now. Thank goodness!!

How was your weekend?


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  1. What a fun weekend! I can't imagine needing a coat in May seeing as Texas is decked out in sunscreen and sweat these days!
    I'm with you on the photograph goal. I am dying to get the perfect Christmas photo of Connor, in front of a LARGE, totally decorated to the hilt, tree. Maybe one day!

  2. I saw one of your photos on instagram where you were wearing coats! Omgosh! I couldn't get over that photo because it was so hot here!

  3. What a great weekend!! How fun that Abigail was able to start up a cheer! Those trampoline pictures are ah-mazing!

    Out weekend was good – we had a lot of yard work to do and I finally finished up weeding out gigantic flower bed up front and got the plants that we got three weeks ago planted today!! Now I have to go back and re-weed another flower bed up by our house. A gardener a work is never done!!

  4. What a fun weekend! My favorite part was "the royals were kind enough to lose quickly so we got to see the fireworks". LOL. Story of my life as an Angels fan. (though recently they've been doing well…hope I didn't jinx it. My husband would kill me!) Your pics are so good and so cute! I loved seeing them all on IG. That trampoline pic is amazing!

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