First Day Of Spena School 2016!

We started our third year of Spena School on August 22nd! Typically, I strongly hold to the belief that school should not start until after Labor Day, but our co-op started on August 22nd this year, so we decided to just go with it.

For the last two years(pre-k and kindergarten)we have done school entirely at home, but this year, for 1st grade, we opted to join our local Classical Conversations(CC) group here in Joplin. We’re really excited about their curriculum and all of the benefits that will come from learning with this group.

Basically the way CC works is we meet on Mondays from 9-1 and it includes all subjects except for Math and Language Arts. So during the four other days of the week, we review everything she learned on Monday and add in the other subjects as well.

We took off one week to go to the beach but we’re back to it and the amount of information that Miss Abigail has learned in just three short weeks has been amazing!

So, anyway, back to the first day of school.

Obviously, it started with coffee.

CC has a scheduled lunch time and recess time at the end of the school day, which, for us homeschoolers- is pretty awesome. We got this backpack for Abigail last Christmas, so it has been really fun watching her actually get to put it to use!

She’s always such a good sport for my photo shoots. Because you HAVE to document the first day of school!

She gave a presentation to her class that was a brief “about me” and taught her about introductions and conclusions in speech and the little girl absolutely killed it. The fact that she has never known a stranger a day in life is going to be a huge benefit to her future public speaking career, I do believe. As time marches on I keep being shocked and amazed at how incredibly outgoing she is. Abigail, my sweet girl, my people pleaser, my first born, friend to absolutely everyone. May this year grow and bless us both!

I’ll be doing another post(s) later to show you a peek into this year’s school routine, what additional curriculum we are using, and where we do our school during the day(oh, and also what Mabel is up to while we’re busy!) In the meantime, you can always click on the “homeschooling” tab at the top of the page to read old homeschooling related posts!


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  1. Woohoo! She is the cutest and I’m glad you guys have a good co-op in your area! We started our preschool curriculum this week!! AH! Send all the help and tips you got, momma!

  2. Abigail is totally rocking that backpack! Is CC the same co-op Beth takes her girls to?! Im amazed by the resources your area has!

  3. I seriously am in awe of mommas (and dads) who homeschool. You’re my heroes. For real.
    Also. Abigail’s backpack is the best ever.

  4. i am sooo interested to follow along with you guys and your schooling this year!!!! i freaking panic when i think about school for maddalena and still have homeschooling in the back of my mind. i’ll have to see if there’s a CC near here? xoxoxoxo!!

  5. A group of people at our church do the Classical Conversations, too! I pray that it goes well and that you guys have the best school year. I adore your coffee mug and Abigail’s backpack. She is such a doll.

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