Silver Dollar City

Oh, Silver Dollar city.
The amusement park of Branson, MO.
I had never been until Jim and I were married? possibly engaged? Either way, Jim grew up going to SDC and amazingly knows how to get around the park without a map or a second guess as to where we are headed. It’s a fun time and extremely family friendly, so if you’re ever in the Branson area I definitely recommend checking it out.
We had attempted to go at the end of March with Jim’s parents but it SNOWED. So, we had to cancel.
This time we were bound and determined to go. RAIN or SHINE.
Unfortunately, we got rain.
It was pouring when we woke up. It poured our entire drive. It was pouring our entire walk up to the park, as we were passing the sane souls who were cutting their losses and fleeing the park as fast as their soggy Toms would carry them.
We persevered on(while I claimed to spend the entirety of our trip in the gift shop) and purchased our sweet ponchos.
Jim said, “Let’s make silly faces!” So. There you have it.
This was Abigail’s very first trip to any sort of amusement park(minus Dollywood at 6mo old. Doesn’t count) so we had fully planned to just do kiddie rides the whole day. We also weren’t sure how long we could withstand the rain AND I also had a Pinterest party to get back for in Joplin, so we didn’t have plans to stay super long. ANYWAY.
Allow me to inundate you with an exorbitant amount of photos of my kid riding a bunch of kiddie rides.
Minus this one. Okay, you guys, this was so, so terrifying for me. This is not a kid ride! This stupid ride scares me to death. Jim had hyped it all up for her and it was the ride she was probably most excited to get to do, but I was completely freaked out over it. If you were at SDC on Saturday and saw a girl experiencing a Final Destination premonition style freak out that was just me. I almost couldn’t even take pictures of her enjoying herself because I just kept envisioning her launching off into the sky in that stupid swing(does that make me sound completely bonkers saying that out loud? hope not. oh well)
And of course, she totally and completely loved it and cried when she learned she not only had to get off the ride, but walk all the way around to get back in line and WAIT to ride again.
Life is hard when you’re a toddler in an amusement park. And a plastic poncho.
 So, then the frog, caterpillar, and elephant rides all happened next.
And she looked like this before they started:
 Super excited and happy, right?
This is how she looked during the rides:
LOL. Boy, oh boy! Does she look like she’s having a blast or what?
And then afterwards she’d be like, oh we went SO HIGH! And that was SO FUN!
So. Whatever kiddo. Works for me.
We went to ride the train next, but had just missed the time to get on. Luckily, we discovered a Merry Go Round right next to where we were. Abigail is obsessed with Merry Go Round’s, thanks to a few books and movies that we have. We had looked to see if SDC had one and couldn’t find anywhere that it did, so we had told Abigail that they didn’t have one. So, she was super duper excited to get to ride a real merry go round.
As you can clearly see here, she was thrilled.
She was so thrilled, she did ride it 3 times in a row. On the exact same horse each time. This is the only picture I got of her smiling! Oh, child.
Then the train finally showed up AND it stopped raining!
After we finished the train ride we headed back to the car. Soggy and all tuckered out. Abigail slept the entire way home and is still talking about our trip to SDC.
Thanks Grandpa Monty and Grandma Jenny for taking us to Silver Dollar City this weekend!

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