Recently, a friend texted me and said, “do you still blog?” and I said, “I would if anyone would read it” lol!

Not really- but a little. It’s summer time and everyone’s schedules are all over the place (including our own) and just like in the retail world- the blog world is also affected. Pageviews plummet and that’s just part of it.

And also also, when you don’t leave your house for days on end and don’t ever change out of your pajamas….then yeah, not a lot of brand new, fresh, or exciting content to be created.

I mentioned all of this to Jim and he said, “I’d kind of like to see a life lately post” SO, per my one dear reader’s request, I present to youuuuu….. a life lately post.

It has been the summer of:

The Elsa dress

The selfie stick

The backyard

The high chair (soooo much time spent feeding the baby in the high chair…)

The crawling and mobile baby

Lowering the crib

And also the pajamas and the morning drive thru coffee runs and the snuggles and the floor play time and a lot of Daniel Tiger.

You can see the original picture that I recreated this one with in this post. Heart melting 🙂

Everyone pat me on the back- we have only been to Target seriously…..maybe once this summer. So I took a picture to document it 😉

A whole lot of time at home. A whole lot of love. My two favorite things.

I love summer.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful Summer was had by all!! So many smiles. It rocked our world when Fletcher became mobile – he just wanted to destroy 🙂 It’s our last full week of Summer and I’m working hard to plan times to just enjoy being home with my crew. Helps that it’s pouring down rain today 🙂

  2. I did notice I hadn’t seen a post from you lately but assumed you guys were just enjoying the summer 🙂 Such precious kiddos!

  3. Love Mabel holding her Elsa dress by the front door, and what seems like ta-da’ing out her bedroom window.
    Does Abigail have Halloween candy still?
    And Finn, I still can’t believe he isn’t still all swaddled up.

    I still read your content, even if I don’t necessarily comment, because some of the product ones I can’t relate to only because I don’t have babies. If I can relate, I totally answer. 😉

    It looks like you are having a wonderful summer!

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