10 Months Of Finn!

How crazy is it that this little guy is 10 months old?! I mean, don’t get me wrong- I definitely feel (and look) like I’ve been wrangling three kids for the last 10 months :p but still, that feels dangerously close to the big O-N-E and I’d just prefer not to discuss that!

Finn continues to be our sweet, chill, silly, sweet (I mentioned that once already didn’t I?), happy, adorable little guy. We are all positively enamored with him. To know him is to love him.

Or, as the nursery workers always say, “is he always this laid back?”

Why yes- he is in fact.

Finn’s 10 Month Stats!

Size: Literally no idea. Wearing 18-24 month clothes (if he is wearing any). Size 5 diapers during the day, size 6 overnights. Happy, healthy, roly poly.

Breastfeeding: Every 3 hours during the day! And just recently started dropping his overnight feedings. He had been nursing once or twice through the night just up until the last two weeks or so. Now I’ve had a number of mornings where I wake up and realize- hey! He never woke me up! Score!

Eating: Anything and everything! Has yet to meet a food he does not like. Particular favorites are sweet potato, blueberries, puffs, and spaghetti night.

Sleep: Wakes up around 7 am, takes 3 naps, goes to bed around 630. As mentioned above, has just started sleeping through the night semi consistently. Hallelujah!!

Loves: Everything. Being held. His pacifiers. Food.

Hates: being buckled into his car seat, getting stuck on his playmat, currently getting extremely frustrated with the whole crawling thing.

Milestones: Clapping, waving, “more please!” signing, voluntary snuggles, Dada and mama babbles, scooting- almost crawling! Still zero teeth!

Looks Like: You be the judge!

Comparison Pictures

We love you so much Finner. Happy 10 months little boy!

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  1. gosh he is soooooo irresistable!!! and dropping middle of the night feedings on his own?! what a dream baby! he could not be cuter. cannot believe how much he’s grown.

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