The Fourth!

We had a fun and happy 4th here in Phoenix celebrating with my parents! We were disappointed to not get to celebrate and blow things up with Jim back in Missouri(it’s his favorite holiday) but spending the day in the pool and shooting some fireworks off with the neighbors was still pretty good!

I will always say that you can’t beat Missouri on the 4th of July- the sheer volume of fireworks going off everywhere is unreal. But! Mabel is going through a bit of a phase where she is afraid of loud noises(specifically, thunder. But apparently, also fireworks) so it was nice to be in a state where they shot off some fireworks, but they weren’t huge, they weren’t everywhere, and they were completely finished by 9:30.

But next year, we’ll be back in MO shooting off the good stuff! (As far as I know :p)

Those double thumbs up. Can’t even with that little girl.

Popsicle outfits. Home made pizza for dinner. An entire day spent in the pool. Fireworks throughout the day.

Yep. A pretty good 4th!

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  1. It sounds and looks like the perfect day. And gosh, those girlies of yours!! Their little dresses/skirts are adorable – and the double thumbs up? I die.

  2. We were in the mountains during the 4th and we saw zero fireworks. ZERO. Apparently you have to be right in town to be able to see them. Love all of the red, white and blue outfits.

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