Welcome To Destin: Part One

Talk about a fun picture post to put together! The 3 of us + my parents just got to thoroughly enjoy a few glorious days in sunny Destin, FL together. I’ve been editing and sorting pictures and the very best I could whittle down to was two giant posts filled with wonderful memories of our time together. (Last year’s post of our trip, if you’re interested! HERE)
We got up at 4:45 am on Saturday the 23rd to depart from Tulsa, OK and flew to Destin and we got home the night of 27th. It was shorter than our usual trips, which was heartbreaking! But, we were so, so, so thankful we even got to go at all. Originally, we didn’t think we’d be able to go because of my little brother’s wedding on the 1st(little brothers ruin everything right?) (just kidding, Cam. Luvvvv you) Anyway, the five of us insisted on finding a way to make our trip happen and we’re so happy that it did! The weather was perfect 100% of the time, we hit all of our favorite restaurants, got in plenty of beach + pool time, some outlet shopping, and just total rest and relaxation.
So, without further ado, here are some of my very favorite pictures from this year’s beach vacation!

Just looking at all of these pictures makes me smile from ear to ear! We had such a wonderful time. Abigail has only been more and more fun to travel with as she gets older(which is good since we have at least two more big trips coming up with her in the next few months). She enjoys so many things and is such a great travel buddy.

Love that little family of mine!

Did you get to take a vacation this year? Where did you go?


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  1. Love this! My mom and I are taking Sadie to Santa Rosa beach and we leave in 2.5 weeks! I've never been to Florida but we've been aching for the beach all summer, so we threw our trip together on a total whim last week 🙂 From what I understand, Santa Rosa Beach is a more quaint little area right outside of Destin (I think about 20 min or so). We got a condo for the week with an ocean view that's about a 4 minute walk to the beach. We're so excited to get there and check out the area! I'll take any recommendations on restaurants and fun things to do! I want to hit up the outlets for sure, which I think are in Destin, right?

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