I had a few more pictures from when my BFF Lauren and her little sweetie Brecken came down for a visit a few weeks ago that I just had to share.
It’s so interesting{and perhaps, lucky for me} that Abigail really hasn’t been around babies. All of her buddies are babies of the family, when she goes to MOPS she is in a class of kids her own age, when she is in Sunday School she is in a class with kids her own age. She has never been one to play with baby dolls{stuffed animals always trump them} and she has never paid much attention to them before.
Until this visit.
Which, is also funny because she has been around Brecken quite a bit, but this was the first time where Abigail was ready to be all hands on deck.
She fed her the entire container of baby food.
She gave her her pacifier every time she fussed.
She helped give her bath.
She helped get her ready for bed.
She wanted to hold her but “oof! She’s too heavy!”
She helped put her in her car seat and carry her to the car.

She waved her toys in front of her to make her happy.

She was all about helping and taking care of the baby.

Their visit confirmed the thing that deep down in my heart I’ve always known.
Someday, she will be an amazing big sister.
To some little person that we are praying for every single day. We don’t know how or when they will come to us, or really, if they ever will. But, we are praying fervently that they do. And when it happens, she will be so incredible.


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  1. I cannot even imagine the weight of your situation… I think of you often and pray for your little family. Someday it will happen and the timing will be perfect 🙂 xoxo

  2. she's such a sweetie! She will make a great "big" in some way to someone one day. maybe how you picture or maybe in a way yet imagined but she's ready to help, guide and lead someone in her own little way 🙂

  3. she is going to be such a great big sister! so fabulous. sending all my good thoughts and vibes your way, i hope that day comes soon for you!

  4. I've had this feeling deep down for a while now that soon you'll be a mum again! Keeping you in my prayers 🙂 x

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